Cops from ‘Plantation Police Department’ Brutally Arrest Man For Hitting Hood of His Own Car

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An innocent man was just brutally detained, joint locked and arrested, all for hitting his own car… with his hands (scroll down for video).

Police in Broward County, Plantation Florida – yes, you read that right on the police cruiser: the “Plantation Police” – detained, then threw to the ground, joint locked and arrested an African American man in front of his family, for hitting the hood of his own vehicle.

While his wife and kids ages 9, 7 and 3 were in the car, this man was brutalized, joint locked and handcuffed with his wrists in a contorted position. Naturally, he seems to have tried to turn his wrist out of the dangerous position that could have caused him serious injury. The video clearly shows how contorted the wrist was. The officer had not just placed his hands behind his back, but had twisted the wrist so that the man was in serious pain and threat of injury.

For his troubles, the officer kept yelling “quit resisting!” and twisted the lock even more.

Once cuffed, it is clear that his wrists were still in a contorted position. The man continuously exclaimed that he was in pain from the lock, but the officer was unphased. Even though he never tried to get up, another officer from the “Plantation Police” raced over to jam his knee in the man’s back.

Again, the officer claims that the man hit him with his car, but there is zero damage to the officer’s vehicle. Instead, witnesses say that he hit HIS OWN car with his HANDS.

The police say he was “resisting.” You be the judge. Watch the video and help us SPREAD THE WORD!

(Article by M. David; video via Alfreda Graham)

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