Oxnard Cop Leaks Secret Police Ritual of Getting Gun and Skull Tattoo When They Shoot Someone



Last Saturday, Meagan Hockaday was shot and killed by Oxnard police after officers were called to help calm down a domestic argument. The 26-year-old African-American mother of three, was said to be “holding” a knife, but there was no initial report that she had moved aggressively towards anyone.

Counter Current News was among the first to report on the shooting. In our initial report, we commented on all of the possible scenarios that could have explained reasons why Hockaday should not have been shot even though she had a knife, including the likelihood that she was suicidal.

Just days after this shooting, a whistleblower in the Oxnard, California, Police Department came clean about a secret ritual that officers go through when the shoot someone: they get a tattoo of a gun and skull.

Apparently, if officers shoot more than one person, they get additional tattoos every time they shoot and kill citizens “in the line of duty”:

The former Oxnard police officer who recently left the department said he saw the tattoos on the officers. He made a drawing of what the “shooting” tattoo looks like. He said the tattoos were probably purchased from a tattoo shop in Port Hueneme because that is where Oxnard officers go to get tattooed.The former Oxnard police officer also provided the names of seven Oxnard officers and two retired officers who allegedly had the tattoos. The nine names also included two officers who are currently commanders at the Oxnard Police Department. One is a watch commander.

The former Oxnard officer told American Justice that if smoke is added to the tattoo, coming out of the barrel, then the shooting was fatal.  He said the tattoos are “earned” by officers involved in shootings.

In fact, American Justice Notebook Reporter Raul Hernandez reports that “The U.S. Justice Department is reviewing an ongoing internal investigation by the Oxnard Police Department surrounding allegations that the city’s police officers put so-called shooting tattoos on their left shoulders after they were involved in shootings with a suspects, according to a spokesman for the department in Los Angeles.”

“I can tell you that we are reviewing the matter. I will not comment on any specific allegations or any specific questions that you have posed. Also, I cannot give you a timetable as to how long our review will take,” Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the Justice Department state in an email last Tuesday.

Did the officers who shot and killed Hockaday and Alfonso Limon get these tattoos? It would appear so.

(Article by Reagan Ali)

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