Bill Would Force Homeschoolers To Have Home Inspections by Social Workers

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A new bill in Michigan would require homeschoolers to be monitored by the State with two annual visits from social workers.
The bill was introduced this week, after two children were found dead in a freezer by officers serving an eviction. The children had been dead for two years, but their mother had told everyone who asked about them that they were being homeschooled.
If the newly-introduced bill is passed, it will require all homeschooled children to be registered with their school district, and to have social workers pay two home visits every year.
“Michigan is one of only 11-states that does not require parents homeschooling their children to initiate to any contact with the state about the kids being homeschooled,” State Representative Stephanie Chang said. But Chang, the author of the bill, had very little to say about the bizarre home inspection visits.
Chang said the bill will be named after Stephen and Stoni, the two children found dead.
“I believe this bill not only will have a part in monitoring children’s education… in some cases, save lives,” Stephen Berry and Stoni Blair’s grandfather John Blair said.
“I believe this bill is the start of fixing things that have been needed in Michigan for years,” John added.
John’s daughter Michelle Blair is currently in jail facing murder charges after Stephen and Stoni’s bodies were found on March 24.
While the intention behind the law sounds good, the provision that would require a doctor, teacher or social worker to make bi-annual home visits has many standing against the proposed law.
“I have a problem with it because the whole premise of the legislation assumes there is something wrong with people who homeschool,” Rhonda Smith, a homeschooling mom told local WXYZ news.
Watch the local report more and weigh in on the bill. Do you agree with it, or does it go too far?

(Article by M. David; video via local WXYZ)