Entire City Gets High After Indonesian Police Burn Three Tons of Confiscated Marijuana

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The nation of Indonesia is known for its marijuana, popularized in hip hop songs dating back to the early 90s. But the strict interpretation of Islam held by the government forbids the use of marijuana.

As a result, the government completely forbids the use of the plant, and possession will get you slapped with some of the toughest penalties in the world.Getting caught with a single joint in Indonesia can lead to a jail sentence of up to four years!

When Indonesian police in Palmerah confiscated a huge take of the plant – totaling three tons – they did what they have often done with smaller confiscated amounts: they burned it.

But with an amount of this big, the results were very different than they expected. Still, police took precautions by wearing masks to prevent themselves from getting high on the smoke from the burning bonfire. But residents in nearby towns were not given any such masks, nor any warning that the police were about to burn the giant mountain of herb.

The pile of 3.3 tons of weed was burned by Palmerah police at their subprecinct office near the City of Tangerang, 15.5 miles west of the capital Jakarta.


Breitbart.com reports that the marijuana bonfire had a street value of over a million dollars, from a raid that occurred on February 2nd of this year. That sizable stash ended up getting the entire city of Tangerang incredibly high. Even journalists from the Jakarta Post who came to report on the effects the burning pile had on residents found themselves getting too high to stand up.

(Article by Reagan Ali; images via the Associated Press)

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