Audio Released of Cop Shooting and Killing College Student for Speaking Disrespectfully

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In spite of shooting Robert Cameron Redus, a 23-year-old student at the university, Corporal Christopher Carter was not arrested, indicted, nor even fired. The San Antonio officer was placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into the shooting of an unarmed and student.

Since the late-2013 shooting, Corporal Carter kept his job, until he very recently chose to leave the department on his own. A court has once again just cleared him, even while they released the audio of the incident, which proves Redus was essentially shot for being sarcastic.

Redus was shot and killed by officer Carter at 2 am after making a sarcastic remark toward the campus cop who followed him well outside of the boundaries of his campus jurisdiction, finally pulling him over, for allegedly “speeding.”

Local KSAT News says that witnesses claim the officer “emptied his gun” into Redus with no provocation.

“I didn’t hear him say anything like, ‘Get down on your hands and knees,’ you know?” one witness recalled, “I didn’t hear him say anything. He just started shooting. He emptied the gun on him… Boom, boom, boom.Six shots — five or six.”

Now, KENS 5 reports that the Bexar County grand jury refused to indict Carter last Tuesday.

The court’s release of the 13-minute audio recording of the incident makes that refusal to indict even more inexplicable.

An open records request by KENS 5 forced the Alamo Heights Police Department to release the recording that Redus’ family fought for over the course of over a year.

Carter: Stop it (yelling). Stop (yelling). Stop (yelling).
Redus: You’re (expletive) choking me dude.
Carter: Stop (yelling). Stop (yelling).
Redus: You just tried to (expletive) choke me.
Carter: Stop (yelling). Stop (yelling). Or I will shoot (yelling). Stop (yelling).
Redus: You’re going to (expletive) shoot me?Carter: Stop or I will shoot (yelling).
Redus: You’re going to (expletive) shoot me.
Carter: Stop (yelling).Redus: For trying to make you not choke me right now?
Carter: Stop (yelling). Don’t put your leg up (yelling). Stop resisting (yelling).
Redus: Are you going to shoot me?

Cameron Redus Shooting Death

Mohammad Haidarasl saw it all go down. He said that Redus’ final words were “Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?”

Haidarasl added that the officer kept saying “Stop resisting, stop resisting,” even though Haidarasl saw no physical resistance at all.

Redus lived below Haidarasl, who says that he was “the nicest guy.”

Other classmates said that Redus was “kind, intelligent, compassionate and well-loved within the community.”

“He was not an aggressive person at all, so the story doesn’t make sense,” said another anonymous student.

Carter claims that “a struggle ensued” between Redus and himself. An official University statement claims that Carter has “an extensive law-enforcement background,” and has been employed for “several years” at the school.

The San Antonio Express-News, however, clarifies that he has only been on the job for two-and-a-half years, and that he has been jumping from department to department before that.

The Redus family responding to a coroner’s report, proving that Redus was shot at close range and in the back, recently released a statement, as follows:

“We are stunned to learn that Cameron was shot in the back from very close range. The report also shows that the shot to his eye was delivered at a downward angle, again from very close range. That knowledge coupled with information from the earlier police report indicating that Cameron died on his back with his legs underneath him has left us heartbroken and shaken to the core.”

If you believe this story should be front page news, nation-wide, help us SPREAD THE WORD and hold these killer cops accountable!

(Article by Jackson Marciana and M. David; image used for illustrative purposes, via the Associated Press, from Roseville, California)

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  1. Official investigations be damned. Everyone whose civil rights are violated by police must sue their tormentor in civil (not criminal) court — regardless of any official investigatory outcome. The reason why is that anyone who works behind a badge and carries a gun on the job enjoys qualified immunity for mistakes committed in good faith.

    That’s the key right there: qualified immunity based on good faith. Violating a person’s constitutional rights is always an aggravated offence because the police have sworn oaths not to do that. They are expected to know the law and the Constitution which they swear to uphold.

    It is impossible for police to violate anyone’s civil rights by mistake or accident. If they do it, they must know they’ve done it, or else they’re not even qualified to hold the job. They’ve sworn legally binding oaths!

    Every cop has a performance bond. It’s required. Every cop has a pension fund. Both the bond and the pension are exposed in a civil complaint. If someone has a video or other proof of a person being brutalized by cops, that victim basically has a slam-dunk suit. The victim will win the bond and the pension.

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