Woman Who Threw Bacon At Police Station Mysteriously Disappears After Charges Dropped

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Lindsey McNamara, 24, got the nation’s attention recently when she was involved in a bizarre “bacon-throwing” incident at a police station near Boston. Now, she has been reported missing, according to police sources.

McNamara was last seen with acquaintances, having diner at the Natick Mall in Massachusetts on Valentine’s day.

Lt. Rich Briggs, speaking on behalf of the Ashland Police Department, said that they “don’t have anything to indicate foul play,” they are actively investigating her disappearance, nevertheless.

On December of 2014 McNamara allegedly smeared raw bacon and pork products on the police dispatch window, saying that she was there to “feed the pigs,” according to CBS Boston.

McNamara’s charges were recently dismissed, according to the Boston Herald. But as soon as the malicious destruction of property charge against McNamara were dropped, along with her disorderly conduct charge, she fell off the radar. No one has heard anything from her, including her mother.

Her cell phone provider pinged her last location at the P.F. Chang’s restaurant in Natick, where she had been having diner with friends. After that, it went dark, which would seem to indicate that she has not simply taken an unannounced trip, nor committed suicide, as there would be little reason to ditch her phone.

The Ashland Police say that anyone with information about her whereabouts should call police at 508-881-1212. But some wonder if this disappearance might have had something to do with her actions against the local department.

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(Article by Reagan Ali)

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