Prison For 72-Year-Old Man Who Had 300-Year-Old Antique Gun In New Jersey

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Gordon VanGilder is a typically law-abiding citizen who is now facing 10 years in a New Jersey prison. That would make him 82-years-old by the time he gets out, if convicted.

What was his crime? The elderly man was arrested for having a 300 year old, antique flintlock pistol in the notoriously anti-gun state.

VanGilder is retired schoolteacher, and never gets in trouble with the law. His attorney explains that the 72-year-old was transporting an unloaded mid-1700s firearm in his vehicle.

“Beware of New Jersey,” the retired school teacher said. “This is overreach, for sure.”

Great job to the New Jersey police and politicians for getting another 300-year-old, antique, flintlock pistol out of the hands of 72-year-old gang-bangers.

It starts with politicians telling us they are passing laws to “protect the children.” It ends up with with your grandpa in jail for possession of an antique flintlock pistol.

(Article by Reagan Ali; h/t to Guns Save Lives)

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