City of Cleveland Issues Official Response To Lawsuit, Blames 12-Year-Old For Being Killed by Police

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With little fan-fair from the mainstream media, the city of Cleveland just issued a response to the family of Tamir Rice and their wrongful death lawsuit, related to the 12-year-old’s shooting death by police officer Timothy Loehmann. In short, city official are blaming the victim, saying that Tamir Rice bears all of the blame for being shot and killed without hesitation by Loehmann.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the city wrote that Tamir’s death, and all injuries claimed in the lawsuit “were directly and proximately caused by their own acts, not this Defendant.”

His death was caused, according to the city’s written response, only due to “the failure… to exercise due care to avoid injury.”

The city glossed over a lot, as they claimed to not have enough information yet, due to the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office’s investigation still being underway.

The lawsuit, filed by Rice’s family alleges that the city, Loehmann, officer Frank Garmback as well as 100 unknown 911 operators, police officers and city employees all acted in a manner which violated the family’s rights. notes that the suit also notes that Tajai Rice, 14, was illegally tackled and restrained by officers as she ran towards her drying brother, and screaming “my baby brother, they killed my baby brother.”

The Rice family attorney commented, saying “that there’s merit in our complaint,” adding that “I do believe that a 12-year-old child died unnecessarily at the hands of Cleveland police officers and I do believe that certain officers shouldn’t have been entitled to wear the uniform.”

If you believe that Tamir Rice deserves justice, please donate to the fundraiser just set up to help them cover legal expenses, then help us SPREAD THE WORD!

(Article by M. David and Jackson Marciana)

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