Anonymous Reminds Israel ‘We Didn’t Forget About You,’ Attacks In Response To Illegal Settlements

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Anonymous “hacktivists” with the Red Cult Team have been very busy lately, taking on ISIS sites and social media accounts for the better part of the past month. But today, they carried out a “flash attack” against the State of Israel, along with the message: “Stop the abuse of Palestinian children!.”

Our contacts told us that the reason for the attack was specifically in protest of the State of Israel’s approval of construction permits for more than 550 illegal settlement units in East Jerusalem.

“The local planning and building committee had dealt with request of private enterprises to approve building permits for 386 units in Har Homa, 136 units in Neve Yakov and 36 units in Pisgat Zeev for plans approved years ago,” the Jerusalem municipality announced in a statement this month.

The settlements are illegal under international law. Since the State of Israel is refusing to abide by international law, Anonymous hacktivists said they will enforce the law against them when other nations prove unable or unwilling to do so.

Some of the most prominent sites include the website for the Office of the Prime Minister and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) website. Most of these sites have been totally wiped. The current list which Anonymous has provided to us is as follows: Israel Earthquake Center The Israeli Antitrust Authority The Israeli Antitrust Authority Shifra Har some finance Govt bullshit site Galil Development Authority another site of the israeli ministry of Finance Israeli government employment Embassy of Israel to the United States some finance Govt bullshit site Israel Defense Forces Integrated Foreign Trade System Integrated Foreign Trade System Israeli Immigration Office Office of The Prime Minister Israel Ministry of Interior Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Israel Information Technology Israel Government Printing Office Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Hebrew. Foreign Affairs Ministry Ministry of Industry and Trade Israil Civil service reform-Minister Michael Eitan Tel Aviv police descr= Public works Department Israel Economic and Tourism rights and services for Holocaust survivors Hosting and Domains Israel Defense Forces Integrated Foreign Trade System Main Site- Israel Defense Forces Yemen – lost children water Preservation …………………. Office of The Prime Minister State of Israel – Ministry of Finance

(Article by Zeidy David)

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