Anti-Torture Protesters Demonstrate ‘Waterboarding’ Technique At State Capitol

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Saturday was the Global Day of Action Against Torture, and activists throughout Ohio chose to draw attention to it by demonstrating the waterboarding interrogation technique at the capitol grounds in Columbus.

Protesters were mostly assembled from various branches of the “hacktivist” group Anonymous, and used the hashtag #OhioStandAgainstCorruption to promote the rally. Members of the alternative media were present.

Police moved in from the Ohio Highway Patrol, which oversees the capitol grounds, telling protesters to move back to the sidewalk. They claimed that the protesters needed a permit to come together as a group to protest on the capitol grounds. Watch the video from Deo of Greater Cleveland Cop Block, below…

The activists refused to move, and proceeded with the protest and waterboarding demonstration, right under the capitol’s “Peace Statue.”

No arrests were made, as officers backed off and went away… That is, until they saw the waterboarding. Watch the video below, then watch Virgil from Dayton Cop Block’s video of Justin King being waterboarded, and the police stepping in.

When police saw this, they said they had to get involved out of concern for Justin’s safety. Imagine: our federal law enforcement was frequently engaged in these “enhanced interrogation techniques” and when local law enforcement officers witnessed them first hand, they said they had to intervene for the safety of the person being willingly waterboarded. This speaks volumes.

(Article by Moreh B.D.K.; image and Bamboozer footage via Virgil Vaduva of the Greene County Herald; first video via Christine Wade)

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