Man Calls Police After Girlfriend Stabbed, Cops Arrive, Shoot Dog Then Shoot Man Who Called Them

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Kevin Davis was a resident of Decatur, Georgia, a well-known predominantly African American community just outside Atlanta, which is policed by a largely white police force. After Davis, 44, was shot and killed by police who had been called to help him, some in the community are saying racism in the police force was a factor.

All who knew him said that David was kind, open-hearted and a prompt, hard worker at everything he did. His well-known kindness led to him opening his door to Terrance Hilyard, 47, a co-worker who needed a roof over his head.

But Hilyard was going through some hard times.

On December 29, 2014, Hilyard and Davis’ girlfriend, April Edwards, got into a physical altercation, which resulted in Hilyard stabbing the woman with a kitchen knife and fleeing the scene.

Davis naturally called 911 for help. But when the DeKalb County Police were dispatched, and Officer Joseph Pitts was first to arrive on scene, the situation flipped on its head.

Three eye-witnesses claim that the officer never announced his arrival on the scene, nor did he identify himself. Immediately, upon seeing the couple’s three-legged dog, the officer opened fire, killing the canine.

Davis heard gun shots and thought that Hilyard had returned with a firearm. He retrieved his own legal weapon and proceeded to the front of the house where he was immediately shot by the same officer who had just killed his dog.

Edwards and neighbors all agree that Officer Pitts never identified himself, nor told Davis to put down his weapon. He simply shot the dog, then shot Davis – both on sight.

When a second officer arrived, Davis was lying on the ground, saying he could not feel his legs. He was arrest and charged with aggravated assault of a police officer.

Over the next two days, Davis was not allowed to have visitors in the hospital, as he was “in police custody.” On New Years Eve, he died from the gunshot wounds he received from Officer Pitts.

“It’s heartbreaking to us,” his sister, Delisa Davis said, “that he had to die alone, that he died with the identity of a criminal. He was 44, and had never been convicted of any crime.”

Only once he died did DeKalb County Police come out and tell the family, waiting in the lobby, “You can go see him now.”

Now the community is rallying in support of Davis, staging protests and calling the police to demand an investigation into this shooting.

“This is exactly what Kevin would have wanted of us,” his sister said, “to seek justice. He didn’t deserve what he got.”

Davis’ family is calling on us all to put pressure on the police to investigate this crime. You can contact the police at the following numbers:

DeKalb County Police Department Headquarters
1960 West Exchange Place
Tucker, Georgia 30084
(678) 406-7929

You can also email the city at: [email protected]

Make the call, send an email and help SPREAD THE WORD!

(Article by Moreh B.D.K.)

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