Undercover Cops Busted At Anti-Police Brutality Protest

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Have you ever been to a protest and wondered who the new, overly-zealous guy is? In activist circles, it’s pretty common for people to travel to neighboring cities, or even states for important rallies. But the circles are small, and someone usually knowns a person or two in common, even with people they just met. Sometimes, your gut is steering you right, and it’s not your imagination, nor being overly-suspicious: the new guy might just be an undercover cop.
Now on the surface, the joke seems to be on the undercover officers. There is nothing illegal about protesting police brutality, or anything else really. So why would they waste their time going undercover as protesters?
Jacob Crawford from We Cop Watch contacted us with some footage of two undercover officers that were just busted trying to infiltrate protests in Oakland, California (scroll down for video).
Are “Roy” and “Devon” just two average guys marching with the people? Jacob says no. And he’s got proof to back it up.
Roy and Devon really Officers Jaeger and Buford of the Oakland Police Department.
In the video below, Officer Jaeger, or “Roy”, claims that the murder of Mike Brown was an “injustice”. But by using fake names, it was clear that these two officers were not simply off-duty cops standing in solidarity with protesters, showing their support for police accountability.
At Beavercreek, Ohio protests for John Crawford, off duty and retired officers have made themselves known. They have spoken out in support of Crawford and those protesting the injustice of the shooting at the Beavercreek Walmart. They never tried to hide their identities or employment, and they were welcomed by activists.

Jacob tells us that in Oakland, however, the mere presence of these lying plain clothed officers was taken by many in attendance as either an act of deliberate intimidation or a prelude to some sort of COINTELPRO-type entrapment or incitement to illegal activity.
Jacob tells us that maybe “next time police want to express some solidarity, they should go put their bodies on the line and deal with some of these crookkked cops.”
The big question that we’re left with is why the police would spend taxpayer dollars on investigating perfectly legal, Constitutionally-protected activity?
(Article by Moreh B.D.K.; reporting by Jacob Crawford, Cop Watch, and Cop Block)