City Websites Hacked After SWAT Team Kills Dog In Search For ‘Small Amount’ of Marijuana

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A SWAT team raided Jonathan Whitworth’s home looking for what they believed was a “large amount of marijuana.”

After breaking into his home, terrorizing his wife and child, they shot his two dogs, killing one of them.

But even though they claimed there was a “large amount of marijuana”, all they found was a pipe, a leaf grinder, and what they later revised to describe as a “small amount” of the plant.

The video of this was originally uploaded in February of 2010, but now someone has caught wind of it who is furious and they are letting the City of Columbia, Missouri know it. They’re calling themselves “The Bitcoin Baron.”

Watch the video below, which was sent to us Thursday, showing that they have hacked the city’s websites in retaliation for the raid which killed Whitworth’s dog and terrorized his family.

(Article by Jackson Marciana and Zeidy David)

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