Beavercreek Police Single Out Walmart Protester: 'I Am Being Arrested For Being Black and Loud'

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A massive civil disobedience and die-in at the Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart Saturday turned into an increasingly escalated melee as protesters filtered out into the parking lot of the evacuated store.
Police, under what can only be described as “orders” from Walmart corporate security and local managers, ordered protesters to leave the store or be arrested. While a relatively small number of African American protesters laid down on the floor for the “die-in”, there were hundreds who openly defied the evacuation order.
Watch footage from the “die-in” below…

Once outside, the peaceful protesters were continuously provoked and agitated by the Beavercreek Police.
The two first arrests were made as two Cop Block members defied the order to disperse by sitting down in front of police cruisers.

But after these two voluntarily sat down as an act of resistance to the evacuation order and the police enforcement of corporate America’s dictates, an African American young man named Elias Jones was grabbed and arrested, seemingly at random.
While he was being dragged away, he begged police to tell them why he was being arrested. The entire time he was being dragged, we followed him and never heard him being “Mirandized” – informed of his rights.
As he was being zip-tie cuffed, he exclaimed “I Am Being Arrested For Being Black and Loud.”
Do you agree with him? Were police singling him out for being a vocal, young, African American leader?
Stay tuned! We will are starting a fundraiser for Elias and the Cop Block members Benjamin Virnston and Matt Raska who threw their bodies on the proverbial gears of the machine!
(Article by Moreh B.D.K. and Jackson Marciana; image by Virgil Vaduva from our friends at the Greene County Herald)