Beavercreek Police Run Cruiser Into Elderly Woman, Then Arrest Her At John Crawford Walmart Protest



There was a massive civil disobedience and die-in at the Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart today in solidarity with the John Crawford family lawsuit against the corporation and the Beavercreek Police Department.

This report is one of a three-part series we are running today, that was reported on by two of our citizen journalists in the Greene County area. Unfortunately, due to the size of some of the videos taken this afternoon, we will have to start with a clip of one of the most important things that happened first (scroll down for video).

After a massive act of civil disobedience near the aisle where John Crawford was shot and killed by Officer Sean Williams, the store was evacuated and the protest continued outside.

Police targeted one African American male, singling him out from the hundreds of others in attendance. They ignored several armed protesters, and anyone with a video camera, and zeroed in on him.

An elderly lady became angry, and asked question, like “why did you single out him?”

For her efforts, Beavercreek police ran into her with an SUV cruiser and then immediately, brutally arrested her.

The SUV cruiser driver saw her and can be heard in the background telling her to move. She did not move, but instead of removing her, other officers waited until she was hit by the vehicle. Then, instead of citing the driver – required by law – they arrested her. You can see from the lengthy video that she was well behind the cruiser, which had to back up for some time to reach her.

Police refused to comment on their refusal to cite the driver for hitting a pedestrian.

We received multiple videos submissions of incident, as well as officers constantly torquing her arms more and more, yelling “stop resisting” when it was clear to everyone – including our journalist – that she was not doing anything and had been injured by the act of felonious violence by the Beavercreek Police.

Counter Current News was first on the scene when John Crawford III, 22, was shot and killed by the Beavercreek police, early in August of this year. We have continued our coverage, with citizen journalists involved in the protests at every step of the way.

Today, those journalists took part in the act of civil disobedience as police and Walmart corporate security were on site, demanding the “evacuation” of the store.

This story, and those to follow, are still in progress. So watch the videos as we upload them, and bookmark this page, so that you can check back later for updates (and there will be updates).

(Article by Moreh B.D.K.; E.J. Newsman and Jackson Marciana)

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