Anonymous #OpJohnCrawford Activist With Disabilities Needs Your Help

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Christine Wade has become a well-known activist at many of the justice for John Crawford protests in Beavercreek, Ohio lately.

At the Christmas Eve “die-in” at the Fairfield Commons Mall, across the street from the Walmart where John Crawford was shot by the Beavercreek Police, Christine and her husband were threatened and shoved by the police for merely being at the event, even though they did not “die-in” and left when told to (for those who are new to this: that means they were not trespassing).

We wrote a full report on this incident in the article “Beavercreek Police Shove, Then Threaten Woman In Wheelchair At Protest For Not Leaving Quickly Enough,” and have since contacted the Beavercreek Mayor to discuss this and other police abuses we witnessed and documented (more on that soon).

Watch the video below of how the Beavercreek Police Department treated this woman with disabilities…

Only days after this, during last Saturday’s protest at the Beavercreek Walmart, Christine’s hotel room was apparently searched. We can’t exactly say who searched it. Maybe it was the hotel management. Maybe it was the police. Maybe it was the police who came to the hotel management.

All we know is that her service dog – who is trained not to bark unless, for instance, someone was trying to enter the room – was going berserk. This was completely out of character for the well-trained service dog. Now the hotel is saying that she has to be out by Friday.

Was this retaliation for her notorious involvement in these very high profile protests? Perhaps. Or maybe it is just really strange timing. Either way, she needs our help right now!

Click on her Go Fund Me fundraiser (link) and share this article and the fundraiser with everyone you know!

(Article by Moreh B.D.K.)

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