Police Killing of Unarmed Native American Continues To Receive Little Media Attention

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The tragic case of Corey Kanosh, 35, has received very little media attention, in spite of the growing outrage over police shootings of unarmed, innocent citizens. In Corey’s case, we are not dealing with an African American man shot by white cops, but an unarmed Native American man who was suspected of crimes that he was later proven innocent of, who was given only seconds before police opened fire on him.

Corey was a member of the Paiute Tribe of Utah. In spite of the historical injustices committed by the State against Native Americans, his story has received virtually no national attention. Now, his friends and family have been pushing to move the legal process forward, but so far they have only raised a tiny amount of money.

“The hold up on progressing has been due to lack of money to fund the oh so dreaded legal process,” they explain. “We need your help. Please help us on our way to get this case back up and ready. It’s time to take on the unwilling non-cooperative Millard County Sheriffs Department.”

Corey was shot by a Millard County sheriff’s deputy after he was wrongly suspected of car theft.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Lindsay Mitchell explained that a 911 call was made about the theft of a car from the Kanosh Paiute Indian Reservation. But Corey had nothing to do with that.

Watch the report in the video below…

Police claim that Corey tried to fight off the deputy who attempted to handcuff him for crimes that he never committed. This raises the question of when self-defense is acceptable against police who attack us without probable cause. Was Corey justified in trying to defend himself? Do you believe the official story?

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(Article by Moreh B.D.K. and David Adawehi)


  1. The Supreme Court decided in favor of John Kills Black Elk, and determined that it is lawful to use lethal force to defend against a wrongful arrest. I don’t know if it was limited to deliberate abuses of official power, or if it covered any arrest without valid reason.

    Either way, it is legal to defend yourself against an illegal arrest, so it would seem that the best way to promote public and officer safety would be an attitude of deference from the police towards the public they serve. If they calm down and take their time, rather than try to rush as many arrests as possible each shift, many of these innocent people would never be put in a position where the officer is a threat to their safety.

    The cops are the ones with the armor, the guns, the training on the use of overwhelming force to prevail in altercations, and the PAYCHECK to be there. They need to accept that there is some risk involved in their chosen career, and that violent outbursts are not an acceptable way to try to avoid that risk.

  2. All life is important no matter the nationality..this man was innocent shot down like a wounded animal for something he didn’t do..police appear to have a new policy shoot now ask questions later…this should have had a high press following but had very little…it would seem that the colour of a man’s skin denotes how much attention from the press he will get ..this is not fair press reporting more like blatant racism..the police have robbed a mother of her son for no good reason ..this is unfair and unjust..

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