Huge Group of Public Defenders Walk Out of New York Court Protesting Eric Garner’s Death


Over 100 public defenders walked out of the Brooklyn Criminal Court Wednesday. This comes after five months of no justice following the choking by a New York Police Department officer that led to the death of Eric Garner.
The walk-out protests were organized by the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys (ALAA).
As these hundreds of lawyers walked out of court they chanted, sang, shouted, and live-tweeted, using the hashtag #ThisStopsToday. All of this comes as part of a series of 11 days of action, a movement demanding Justice for Eric Garner.

The movement, organizing under the hashtag #ThisStopsToday is protesting the Staten Island grand jury’s refusal to indict the NYPD police officer in the Garner choking-death case. They are further using the hashtag for a broad call for #PoliceAccountabilityNow for the death of Garner and other victims of police brutality.

The walk out included a seven-minute “die-in” just outside the Brooklyn Detention Center. As with many other similar protests, the attorneys shouted the phrase “We can’t breathe”, which were Eric Garner’s last words.

“Indict, convict, send those killer cops to jail,” the lawyers said.
One of those attorneys, Leah Maloney, said that she gets one to two clients at least every single day she goes to work, who tells here about a serious beating inflicted by NYPD cops even while no charges are ever brought against them.
“We want to seize the opportunity to highlight the broken system now that there’s public attention and engagement with these issues,” Maloney explained.
The mainstream media is only scratching the surface of everything going on in the RESISTANCE against POLICE BRUTALITY!
Overseas some people are starting to call this the #AmericanSpring? Do you agree? Is this the start of something big? Or will these protests lose momentum soon, leading to everything going back to the way they’ve always been?
(Article Moreh B.D.K.; images via Twitter and Vine)