Giuliani Says Cops Can Be Insubordinate Because Current Mayor Created ‘Anti-Police Atmosphere’

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The former New York City Mayor and notorious police brutality apologist Rudy Giuliani showed up on Fox News Sunday. He was there to comment on the incident which occurred on Saturday when literally hundreds of NYPD cops collectively turned their backs on the current Mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio was delivering a eulogy at the funeral of one of the NYPD Officers who was gunned down the week prior: Rafael Ramos.

Giuliani said that this blatant insubordination was not the fault of rogue police who believe that they are above the law and their own chain of command. Instead, he claimed that Mayor de Blasio had brought all of this insubordination and hate on himself.

How could Giuliani have made such a claim?

He asserted that by de Blasio merely stating the statistics that minorities are abused and killed by the police at a higher per capita rate than other groups, this was creating the environment where officers could be killed. The data, Giuliani claimed, makes the general public feel like “police officers are in the main racist.

“I think at this point,” Giuliani said, “He’s bringing it on himself. He should have apologized.

“He’s not responsible for the murder, he shouldn’t resign, he’s been elected by the people,” the former mayor continued. “But he did create an atmosphere of anti-police bias and feeling for a long, long time. It’s time to say, ‘Maybe I had the wrong perception of my police department. First of all, my police department is not a white police department. Everybody’s a minority in the New York City Police Department.’”

Watch the audacious video clip below…

(Article by Jackson Marciana)

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