Conspiracy Theory Suggests the NYPD Killed Two Police Officers To Drum Up Support


Just one day after a #ThanksNYPD rally proved to be an epic fail, with only relatives of police officers turning out to support the New York City Police, two Brooklyn police officers were shot and killed. Now, tens of thousands of New Yorkers have responded to invitation requests for a pro-police rally.
The NYPD has characterized this as an “assassination,” but some conspiracy theories are circulating throughout social media, suggesting that the police themselves killed these two officers, in order to drum up support.
Just hours after these two New York City police officers were allegedly “assassinated”, in what police say was an act of retaliation against police brutality, authorities in Florida say that a similar killing has just happened there.
Early Sunday morning, a Tarpon Springs police officer was shot “execution style.”
The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office has released a statement. They say that they will be holding a press conference shortly.
From what we know so far from the Sheriff’s Officer, the shooting occurred around 3 a.m.
They have confirmed to Counter Current News, that they have a suspect in custody.
While the police claim that this was an “assassination,” some are suggesting that they are trying to incite fear, riding the paranoia surrounding the New York killings.
Local WTSP says that “police were originally called out for a noise ordinance complaint as the suspect was banging on residential doors.”
Was this a set up to get the police out there so they could be assassinated? Perhaps. But it’s also possible that the police are manipulating us so that they can call for more power and less oversight. At this point, it’s too early to tell. But one thing is for sure, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office is claiming that this is a similar act to what just happened in Brooklyn, New York Saturday.
The big question at this point is how could the NYPD be so certain, so early on, about the motives of the shooter? Naturally, they are pointing to social media accounts, in the aftermath, suggesting that these validate their claims about the deceased suspect.
But social media accounts are hardly proof, and can be easily fabricated. As well, conspiracy theories that are circulating on social media as we write this, suggest that the NYPD seemed to have constructed this narrative long before these accounts and writings, associated with the suspect, could have possibly been found.
It sounds like a bit of a stretch, until you consider this, along with the fact that the NYPD is huge. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg called it his “private army.” There are NYPD branches all over the world, including a brand new one in Israel.
Some of the theorists discussing this have noted that both officers to be killed happened to be non-Caucasians.
Are the conspiracy theorists on to something? Could rogue elements within the NYPD be responsible for this assassination? Or are these guys just spending too much time on internet forums and Facebook?
Stay tuned, and keep thinking critically. Question the dominant mainstream narrative, but also be critical of the conspiracy theories. The truth may well be somewhere in between.
(Article by Moreh B.D.K.)