Beavercreek Walmart 'Die-In' Demanding Justice For John Crawford

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There was a massive civil disobedience and die-in at the Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart today in solidarity with the John Crawford family lawsuit against the corporation and the Beavercreek Police Department.
This report is one of a three-part series we are running today, that was reported on by two of our citizen journalists in the Greene County area.
Counter Current News was first on the scene when John Crawford III, 22, was shot and killed by the Beavercreek police, early in August of this year. We have continued our coverage, with citizen journalists involved in the protests at every step of the way.
Today, those journalists took part in the act of civil disobedience as police and Walmart corporate security were on site, demanding the “evacuation” of the store.
Watch things get started in the video below…

Watch more of the footage from the “die-in” below…

Once outside, things got a little more heated.
Watch the video below…

The first protester to be arrested was a member of the police accountability organization Cop Block.
Within minutes, police targeted an African American male named Elias, seemingly at random, even though he was not doing anything differently than the myriad of Caucasians and others.
More arrests soon followed. In all, four of the hundreds there were arrested. Police offered no explanation for why these four were targeted when their activity was essentially the same as everyone else’s in attendance.
The names of those arrested are: Benjamin Virnston, Matt Raska, Sandy King, and Elias Kelley
Read more about the Beavercreek Police ramming their police cruiser into one of the protesters – an elderly Caucasian woman – and then arresting her for it here and here. Yes, there are videos of the arrest, and more to come.
Watch the two videos below of the aftermath…

The video below continues with activists from Cop Block Israel who were in town for the protest letting the Beavercreek cops have it, and explaining why social justice – from Beavercreek to Palestine – is an issue that Jewish activists must take a stand for!

This story, and those to follow, are still being updated. So watch the videos as we upload them, and bookmark this page, so that you can check back later for updates (and there will be updates).
(Article by Moreh B.D.K.; E.J. Newsman and Jackson Marciana; all images and video related to John Crawford protests copyright of Counter Current News, except for images of man in grey shirt being arrested: those images via Virgil Vaduva and Greene County Herald)