Anonymous Promises Major Cyber-Attacks and Protests At Homes of ‘Killer Cops’ In #OpAnonVerdict

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A new, massive operation from Anonymous hacktivists has just been announced.

The #OpAnonVerdict comes on the heels of the Darren Wilson verdict out of Ferguson, Missouri.

While this new Anonymous operation promises to continue ongoing attacks related to the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, the video and press release that were sent to Counter Current News tells of a multi-wave operation that will continuously go after “killer cops” and others deemed to be “rogue” members of law enforcement wherever and whenever they are found. This includes local cops, as well as members of the FBI who refuse to investigate, or – worse – participate in the cover-ups of the shooting and killing of unarmed citizens.

The transcript and the video exclusively sent to us by Anonymous are below…

Greetings citizens of the World, we are Anonymous…

As many Americans’ eyes turn to the recent decision by the Ferguson grand jury to not indict Officer Darren Wilson, we feel that it is important to remind you of the many other important cases where rogue police officers have gunned down innocent citizens.

We have already launched operations such as #OpJohnCrawford and more recently #OpTamirRice – both Ohio residents who were shot and killed by over-zealous, so-called “law enforcement” who believed that holding BB-guns was enough to sentence the to death. These killer cops offered citizens no more than two seconds to put down their toy weapons.

As many focus on the disproportionate number of African Americans victimized by racist rogue police officers, it is also worth mentioning those of other backgrounds such as Salt Lake City resident Dillon Taylor, who was shot and killed by police for not responding to orders quickly enough. This was because he had earbud headphones in his ears.

Other well-known cases such as the killing of a homeless man, Kelly Thomas in 2011, remind us that while certain so-called “minority” groups might often find themselves disproportionately victimized by racist police officers, this is a broader phenomenon – one that involves the increasing militarization of police departments and the desensitization of officers to the lives and rights of citizens.

We are here to tell corrupt and homicidal members of law enforcement that they are no longer safe to commit crimes with impunity. If your own respective departments and federal agencies will not punish you, we will. You will no longer be able to lurk in the shadows: the light of justice will shine upon you and your personal information. You will not be able to live out comfortable, easy lives where your can forget about your crimes. Every day that you walk the streets, you will be recognized, and your whereabouts will be known by Anonymous activists, and protesters who continue to form alliances with us.

Anonymous hackers will join in a massive waves of cyber attacks, in conjunction with allies and Anonymous activists who take action on the streets. We will demonstrate outside of your homes, and your places of work. Your personal, financial and other most guarded secrets will be exposed. You will not be allowed to live the comfortable lives you so desire, when there are innocent lives you have taken.

We call upon any honest and moral members of local and federal law enforcement to continue to assist us in these efforts. You know, as well as we do, that these rogue officers are a disgrace to your profession. Realize that even in your departments and federal agencies, there are more allies with our operations than you could imagine. Departments and federal agencies that will not punish the guilty and cover up their crimes will become a target as well. Others who join in efforts to defend murder by agents of the State, such as members of the KKK, will continue to be targets, regardless of their recent efforts to backpedal. If you do not wish to become targets, then stand on the side of justice and be on the right side of history.

For the purposes of addressing some of the most recent crimes first, we will target officers who have carried out their crimes in 2014. This should not give officers who committed earlier crimes any reason to imagine that they will be spared. We will get to each of you, as this is a part of a long operation which will be carried out in waves.

Some of the killer cops who we are putting on notice from the beginning of this operation are as follows:

First and foremost: Officer Darren Wilson… We are far from done with you and the prosecuting attorney Robert P. McCulloch, who went to great lengths to justify your brutality. All who are responsible for the unjust verdict, you’re on our radar now.

As you are so prominent on our list, perhaps the least needs to be said about what is coming for you. Realize that you will never live in peace.

We commend the officers within the Ferguson and St. Louis Police Departments who have been providing us with information. Your allegiance to justice shows us that there are still some good within your ranks who will not bow to pressure from a corrupt system.

Officer Sean Williams, of the Beavercreek, Ohio Police Department. You gunned down John Crawford in cold blood. You shot him for holding a toy gun in a state where holding real guns in Walmart is perfectly legal. You had been advised of this before you pulled the trigger. Now you are on notice from us. The Greene County Prosecutor may have chosen not to indict you, but Anonymous has indicted you.

We commend Officer Darko who accompanied you for not pulling the trigger when John Crawford began running towards him. He saw clearly that at this point, your victim had placed the air rifle on the ground. You chose then to shoot him anyway.

We have no conflict with you officer Darkow. We further comment Chief Evers for retiring from the corrupt Beavercreek Police Department. Officers who leave corrupt departments or stand up to those corrupt officers within them have nothing to fear from us.

Officer Bron Cruz, your shooting of Dillon Taylor was ruled justifiable by Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill on Tuesday. But the Anonymous Verdict is a very different one. You may think that the troubles you have been facing are over, but we assure you that they are just beginning.

Rookie Officer Timothy Loehmann, last weekend you shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice, without giving him a chance to explain that he only had a BB-gun. Officer Garmback was with you, and because of his experience on the job, he did not pull the trigger. This further highlights your overreaction. The Cleveland Police Department, however, has found themselves our target because instead of acknowledging your crime, they covered it up – lying – saying that Tamir pointed the gun at you. You blamed the victim of Officer Loehmann’s crimes, rather than protecting him. Since you have refused to come to the defense of the innocent, we have taken up his cause.

It has come to our attention that the FBI is investigating our response to your corruption. Perhaps those in the FBI who still believe in justice should focus their efforts at investigating your corrupt department.

This same department recently took the life of Tanisha Anderson, slamming her on the concrete. Instead of bringing the brutal officers to justice, the Cleveland Police Department has been engaged in a cover-up that consistently blames unarmed victims of police brutality for their own deaths.

Boone County, Kentucky Deputy Tyler Brockman, your shooting of Samantha Ramsey has put your in our sights.

Utah police involved in the cover-up of the shooting death of Darrien Hunt, you have not been forgotten. New autopsy results have revealed that you shot this “cosplayer” dressed as a samurai in the back. The State has refused to bring you to justice, so Anonymous has decided to hold you accountable.

Other police and government agents involved in the killing or cover-up of any innocent, unarmed citizens will be subject to #OpAnonVerdict. You will see the results of this operation online and right in front of your houses and places of employment. This is only the beginning.

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us.

Watch the video from Anonymous about #OpAnonVerdict below…

What do you think about the new Anonymous #OpAnonVerdict? Will protesting outside of the homes of killer police officers help to bring attention to these crimes? Will it help to bring justice to their victims?

(Article by Zeidy David)


  1. hell yea !!!! you go you have more support than you know anonymous!!!!

  2. !!!The city police chief, Dennis Evers, will not retire from his position next month and will continue to lead the department for the “foreseeable future,” according to a written statement released by the city on December 10th, 2014!!!

    No surprise.

    ‘Tango inbound’

    Expect us.

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