Ohio Cop Kidnaps Child From Mother, Police Refuse To File Report

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Kalyn Smith’s child was taken from her against her will and the police refuse to do anything about it. No, Child Protective Services did not take her daughter away. In spite of the kidnapping, Kalyn tells us that Warren, Ohio officers refused to file a report or help the child’s mother get her daughter back. Why would police officers be so cold and callous to a mother’s pleas? Because the person who abducted the child is a police officer.

Officer Denise Frankos-Montgomery is the child’s grandmother. Kalyn’s stepfather, Denise’s husband Keith Montgomery is a notary public. Together, Kalyn tells us, the grandparents walked into Smith’s house uninvited, physically restrained Kalyn while they took her 11-month-old daughter Bella.

After they left, Kalyn tells us she called the Warren Ohio Police Department. But the dispatcher simply hung up on her as soon as she gave them her name. They knew all about what Denise had planned.

For two weeks she explains that she tried to get in contact with someone who could help. But everyone she contacted in law enforcement knew her mother and refused to help.

Kalyn tells us that Denise further told her to sign a “temporary custody” paper, saying that if she didn’t sign it then and there she would make sure the State took her daughter and she would never see her again.

Kalyn then adds that Denise then gave the Warren Ohio court the wrong address for her daughter, so that she never knew a custody hearing had even been scheduled.

Judge Rintella presided over the case, in spite of the fact that she is a close and personal friend of Denise.

As for those temporary custody papers Kalyn signed? They were notarized by Denise’s husband.

So maybe Kalyn is just a horrible mother, and Denise is grandmother of the year, right? It doesn’t look that way. Back when Kalyn was 12, Denise actually gave up all parental rights to her daughter and never received them back. This means that if this is true Kalyn’s daughter is not even her granddaughter from a legal perspective.

Considering what Kalyn has told us, it would seem that local law enforcement and judges have proven that they will not act in the interests of the mother, the child or the law in this case because of their conflicts of interest and close ties with the kidnapper. If you want to help bring attention to this case, call the Trumbull County Warren Ohio Job and Family Services (330) 675-2000 and let them know the facts of this literal kidnapping.

(Article by Jackson Marciana)

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