National Guard Kills Walmart Protests Linking Ferguson With John Crawford Shooting

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Protests all over America targeted Black Friday sales for a variety of reasons. But this is nothing new. Every year, an array of any consumerism organizations and activist gather outside of big name stores to protest issues like the working conditions of overseas laborers or even the minimum wage in the United States.

But this year one retailer found themselves in the sights of protesters more than any other. Groups that had formerly been protesting Walmart, on behalf of workers, or overseas laborers who make many of the products carried in the store, teamed up with Ferguson protesters in a campaign pledging #NoJusticeNoProfits.

But the campaign didn’t stop there. Protesters sought to make a direct connection between what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the shooting of John Crawford at a Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart.

As such, Walmart was planned to receive the bulk of retail protests for Black Friday in Ferguson and St. Louis… That is, until the National Guard stepped in.

In the St. Louis suburbs, nearly 100 Ferguson protesters assembled late Thursday to voice anger at this week’s grand jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, and the broader issue of police brutality. But the National Guard was called out when plans of their demonstrations extending into Black Friday were revealed.

With Ferguson Walmarts under the “protection” of the National Guard, assembled to squash free assemble and protest against the Ferguson verdict and police brutality, many activists turned to a nearby mall, known as the Galleria.

Retailers brought down security gates after several hundred protesters entered the mall and were said to have “disrupted shopping” by simply walking with their hands up.

Once again, the National Guard was called out… this time to the Galleria.

Apparently freedom to assemble and protest are no longer protected if it might interfere with Black Friday profits. Insuring profits has apparently become a cause that the National Guard is willing to defend, and even kill for if necessary.

Strangely, the national, mainstream media had very little to say about this.

(Article by Jackson Marciana)

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