Cops Slam Unarmed Woman On The Pavement, Killing Her In Front of Family

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Cleveland police officers recently killed a 37-year-old African American woman who died after police slammed her head on the concrete, just outside of her family’s home.

Her brother explained that Tanisha Anderson was pronounced dead at Cleveland Clinic after the assault by the Ohio cops. The pronouncement came early Thursday about two hours after the police “take down” caused Anderson to bash her head on the concrete outside of her home.

“They killed my sister,” Joell Anderson, Tanisha’s 40-year-old brother said as he fought back tears. “I watched it.”

Officers came to the house after a call from a family member who thought the police could calm the bi-polar Tanisha down, during an argument.

Police came, responding to the situation as a “disturbing the peace” call. It seemed that everyone agreed Tanisha should undergo an evaluation at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, police sources told us.

But what happened next is described very differently by police and family members.

“As the officers escorted Anderson to the police vehicle, she began actively resisting the officers,” police spokesman Sgt. Ali Pillow claimed to the local Cleveland publication, The Plain Dealer.

Tanisha changed her mind about the evaluation after police slapped cuffs on her. She believed she was within her rights to decide whether she went for a voluntary evaluation. But police, at this point, argued that it was up to them.

“The woman began to kick at officers,” Pillow said. “A short time later the woman stopped struggling and appeared to go limp. Officers found a faint pulse on the victim and immediately called EMS.”

But Tanisha’s brother Joell gives a very different account than what the police claim.

“She was more of a danger to herself than others,” he explained.

Two male officers escorted Tanesha Anderson, who was prescribed medication for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, to the police cruiser. She sat herself in the backseat but became nervous about the confined space and tried to get out, Anderson said.

As Tanisha called out for her brother and mother, an officer used a “Judo” take down move after having pressed her head down repeatedly in the backseat in what seemed to be a “smothering” manner, Joell Anderson said.

Joell says that after she hit her head on the concrete, and the officer placed his knee on her back, she never opened her eyes or spoke another word.

To add insult to injury, Joell says that his sister’s sundress was lifted above her waist, where it remained as officers refused to administer any aid to the unconscious woman. Joell says that he was forced to go over and use his own jacket to cover her naked lower body, because police would not, even when he asked them to.

“She was outgoing, silly, always joking,” Joell said of his sister. “She just wasn’t doing very well that day.”

The Cleveland Police Department tells us that their Division of Police Use of Deadly Force Investigation Team is “investigating” the case. No officers involved have been fired, reprimanded, nor placed on leave.

(Article by Jackson Marciana; special thanks to The Plain Dealer)


  1. We know that the police are less than effective (at times), so we need to stop relying on them for situations we know they cannot effectively address. Please, if you have a mental health diagnosis/concerns, be certain to have a crisis & safety plan which includes the numbers for crisis intervention teams/specialists that can respond and effectively address the situation. PLEASE. Let’s equip ourselves with other supportive mechanisms so that we don’t have to rely ineffective measures. PLEASE.

  2. These incidents will never stop. The REASON they will never stop is not because of the police, or the government. The reason is because of us, the very people who are sitting here discussing this and disgusted by this. I don’t know how many of you have been in the military, Read books about the military, Studied military practices, or in any other way achieved some knowledge of what they are doing to us, so I will spell it out for you. How does one win a war? Well, the easiest way to win a war is to divide the opposition into smaller and smaller groups so when you engage them, they are quickly and easily beaten, or surrender. This is what has happened to the people of the United States in the last 7+ years. We have become divided by Race, Religion, Location, Political affiliation, and anything else that could be used to drive a wedge in between us. Tell me, what is the difference between a Black person being shot by the police for no reason, and the same thing happening to a white (or other race) person? The answer is Nothing. Until people, as well as special interest groups like BLM realize that there is no difference this type of thing will continue. They know the wedges they have driven between us have divided us to the point where people are going back 200 years to point out your race did this to our race, forgetting everything that has happened since then to bring us together, and all the progress that was made that suddenly disappeared in the last 7 years. Say what you want but as long as we stand here blaming each other, instead of joining together to go after the real problem this type of thing will continue and WILL get worse. The next time a BLM person attacks some white girl on the street for no reason, ask yourself, “why are they attacking her, what has she personally done to them?” She could have been the person that could have united us all and made us a UNITED states again, against Tyranny, against our people being mistreated regardless of race religion or political affiliation. As long as we allow ourselves to be divided, we will never be a force that our government has to listen to. We will continue to be their slaves, instead of the government being our employees.

  3. 24hourwealthcoach
    “All cops should be wearing video cameras on their bodies at all times”

    Currently, they are trying to enact legislation that would allow them to refuse to release such video footage-if the camera did not simply “malfunction”, and not capture such video in the first place. These snakes try to get around every law we pass to keep them in check.

  4. So bottom line – the Cleveland Police Department “KILLED” a young woman & because she was of ‘African’ descent – nothing will be done to the police who “on-purpose” killed her; nor will the CPD be taken to task for allowing such a travesty… – and we think America is FREE…!!! Do not ‘white’ people realize they are just as much immigrants to this land as anyone else…!!! Do they not remember that the TRUE Native Americans’ are American Indians…??? Just because they are white – does not mean they are right; that young woman is dead due to ‘white ignorance w/a badge’ – how inhumanly sad & disgraceful…!!! Worse yet, NOTHING will be done to avenge her death [ and so many like hers]. Jesus, what next… – come quickly LORD – satan & his ‘human’ posse [CPD & PD’s USA] are ‘running a’ muck…!!!’ So much more [& much worse] has happened since this incident – & it is just getting worse. Prayer: Abba Y-H-W-H, we need Your supernatural divine intervention – Now, in Y’shuah Ha Moshiach’s name. Ah-mein…

  5. The ONLY reason this kind of thing keeps happening is because…WE ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN. These killer cops are basically laughing in our faces because they don’t think we can do anything to stop them. They are very very wrong but, are they? We have all been allowing this to happen, and it’s only gotten worse.

    WE THE PEOPLE need to put a stop to this. Cops can not just kill you and get away with it, it needs to STOP NOW!

    Enough is enough!
    #disarmthepolice #policebrutality #enoughisenough #notahero #policestate #jailthepolice

  6. Sadly, no “Rodney King” or “Ferguson” video footage of this crime means that the officer will likely escape conviction. Given the word of a grieving family against a “reliable” police officer, who will the jury believe? All cops should be wearing video cameras on their bodies at all times; for their own protection as much as for the public good.

  7. the cleveland police either are too stupid to get it or they just don’t care{i suspect the latter.}. they are currently under investigation for shit like this and they keep doing it! there is NOTHING that will make up for this family’s pain and heartbreak! and you can bet NOTHING will be done to these murdering cops!

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