The 12-Year-Old Shot by Cleveland Police For Holding BB-Gun Has Just Died


In breaking news, a police source in Cleveland has informed us that the 12-year-old shot in the abdomen by a Cleveland police officer yesterday has just died.
We have corroborated the claim with a second source close to this case, and they too say that the child in question just died.
Shortly after the shooting, we spoke with police representatives at the First District Cleveland Police Department but they were unwilling to say much other than the basics.
They acknowledge that a 12-year-old was shot in the stomach by a First District officer. They would not reveal the name of that officer. When we asked them if the child was armed, they hesitated and said “we really can’t say.”
This would seem to indicate that this was a shooting of an unarmed child by police.
We asked further if they could tell us why the officer opened fire on the child. They told us that they are not willing to speak about those details at this time.
But other sources on the scene tell us he was shot at the park outside Cudell Recreation Center this afternoon, and that he had a BB gun, which police said they believed was real.
After the release of our story quickly swept social media, the Cleveland Police scrambled to throw together an “Official Statement” where they blamed the youth for almost essentially trying to commit “suicide by cop.” Read more about it here (link) and stay tuned for updates.
(Article by Moreh B.D.K. and Jackson Marciana)