Rape Trial Begins For Former Cop Who Had Been Banned From Sex Crimes Investigations

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He says that it’s all a big misunderstanding: a mix-up. A former Oregon police officer says that the whole thing was just made up by his ex-wife. But the prosecution says there is ample evidence to support the allegations that former Beaverton Police Officer Christopher Warren raped a 5-year-old girl.
Christopher R. Warren, 34, of Vancouver, has been charged with first-degree child rape, for allegedly penetrating the girl with a pencil, according to Clark County Superior Court, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Camara Banfield.
Ernest Warren, the defense attorney for Warren, says that this is all a big misunderstanding and is based on lies told by Warren’s ex-wife, Dina Sanchez. As it turns out Ernest Warren and Christopher are related. The prosecution says that this defense is nonsense, and the rape allegations are actually related to why Sanchez left her ex-husband.
It’s not just Sanchez saying these things. The girl in making these allegations herself has remained consistent throughout the investigation.
The 5-year-old was interviewed on May 14, 2013, at Clark County Children’s Justice Center as well as when she met with her doctor. Her answers to questions and her recounting of details were identical both times.
Details of the abuse are disturbing to say the least. The girl told her doctor that Warren applied “medicine” to her, after Warren used a pencil to abuse her.
“It’s not true,” Ernest Warren said of the accusations of his client and relative. “Christopher Warren is innocent, innocent, innocent. We know this because Meliah [his current wife] was there, and she didn’t see this.”
But even by Warren’s admissions, his current wife Meliah was in the other room cooking dinner.
The Beaverton Police Department says that Warren has been fired twice from the department, according to police spokesman Officer Mike Rowe.
The first termination was in 2011 after an internal investigation discovered that he had lied in a 2009 criminal investigation. This was related to the sexual abuse of a minor when he was younger. Now, even after it has been determined that he lied in previous sexual abuse cases, this former cop wants the court and the public to believe that he is telling the truth this time and a 5-year-old girl just has it in for him.
But even after that first termination, Warren found himself reinstated by the department. The second time Warren was fired was in August of 2013, and it had nothing to do with the molestation charges. Instead, it occurred after Warren was indicted on charges of welfare fraud for receiving food stamps and welfare from Washington state, while being a resident of Oregon.
For all of the damage control being done by the Beaverton Police Department, they never actually fired him for allegedly abusing this girl. In fact, the department even kept him on after rehiring him, but kept him off of any sex crimes investigations. In 2010, Washington County District Attorney Bob Hermann told the department that Warren should not be involved in any sex abuse investigations, as “any prosecutions involving Officer Warren would be impacted and potentially compromised,” he explained in a letter to the department.
Warren’s trial started Monday. Stay tuned for follow-up coverage of this story.
(Article by Jackson Marciana; image via Zachary Kaufman, and Counter Current News)