Offensive Halloween Display Depicts Lynching Scene in the South

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An disturbing and offensive Halloween display has resulted in a lot of public outcry in Fort Campbell, Tennessee. The display depicts hanging corpses, apparently with their throats slit.  home has been removed.

Many in the community said that the display appeared to show an African-American family hanging from a tree outside of the residence. But others said that the intention was not to depict the corpses as “black” but instead to show black bags over their heads.

Disturbingly, the child in the display also had a knife in their back. Local citizen journalists tried to ask the family at the residence about the display, but repeated inquiries received no answer.

Days later, the resident willingly removed the display after neighbors seem to have pressured them about the offensive nature of the decorations.

What do you think about the display? Was it racial in nature, or is the “bag” explanation plausible?

(Article by Jackson Marciana)

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