Supervisor Has No Hazmat Suit On As He Boards Plane With Second Dallas Ebola Victim

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Late Wednesday, images emerged and quickly circulated throughout social media of officials loading the second Dallas nurse who was diagnosed with Ebola onto a plane. The plane is bound for Atlanta, where the woman is scheduled to receive specialized medical attention at Emory University Hospital.
What has caught everyone’s attention is the bizarre absence of any sort of protective wear – let alone a hazmat suit – on one man overseeing the transport of the passenger aboard the plane.
The airline now says he was just a “protocol supervisor”, but that hardly answers anyone’s questions.
Several workers can be seen in the image, wearing hazmat suits on the runway of Dallas Love Field. But the “protocol supervisor” and his airline seem utterly unconcerned with any such precautions. The man wearing plain clothes and no apparent protective gear stood near another hazmat-suited worker and took a container from one of the suited workers, placing it on the steps to the jet before walking out of view.
After handling some containers, he conversed with two workers who were wearing respirators while the red hazmat bags they had handed back and forth were loaded onto the plane. The man with no protective clothing then grabbed the container from the stairs and got on the plane which departed Love Field on their way to Atlanta. Apparently he did not feel the need to suit up even before getting on the flight. So why were those around him all decked out in hazmat suits as though even the slightest thing could cause them to be infected?
Watch video footage below:

All of this has led many to question whether or not certain forces are deliberately using the threat of ebola to scare the populace. But to what end?
(Article by Jackson Marciana)