Free Speech Denied To Latino Activists With Anti-Police Hat

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The Mayor of Santa Ana, Miguel Pulido cancelled Tuesday night’s City Council meeting and it was all over a hat that one activist was wearing.
The mayor ordered that the council chambers be cleared because the activist refused to remove his hat that made an obscene statement directed at police. The officers in the chambers were in an uproar and tried to physically intimidate those present, even denying the rights of those there who had no similar attire on.
Everyone was ordered out.
The activist was a 22-year-old member of CopWatch Santa Ana, who said that his name is Bijan. He wore the hat, reading “Fuck the Police” for what he explained were a variety of reasons, but most importantly because it was an issue of Constitutionally-protected speech. Still, the officers on site apparently didn’t get the memo about protected speech.
Pulido ordered Bijan declared the hat a threat to decorum, and ordered the man to remove it with the threat of police physical force if he refused to comply.
Bijan ignored the order.
That’s when Mayor Pulido ordered everyone out. But the activists in the chambers refused, saying they were there to confront police brutality.
Watch the video and see what went down…

After the third warning to disperse, which was ignored by the activists who knew their rights, Mayor Pulido cancelled the meeting altogether.
As the activists stood together, police were afraid to arrest them all.
A CopWatch activist “Amaru” read a statement, declaring that police officers in Santa Ana are merely enforcing a system of inequality and marginalized of “undesirable” ethnicities and classes.
“CopWatch Santa Ana knows that the main function of police has very little to do with crime, or enforcing the law, and is more directed at maintaining existing social inequality, especially those based on race and class,” Amaru explained.
Bijan explained that this stemmed from an illegal police stop and arrest of himself and friends for “loitering” when they were on the sidewalk, informing people about a police checkpoint which violated their Fourth Amendment, Constitutional rights.
If you agree the police have gone too far, then pass this on to someone else who cares and wants to see things change!
(Article by Jackson Marciana)