Cop Accidentally Peppers Sprays Himself In Eyes While Trying to Make Arrest At High School

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More cops in schools right? That’s what a lot of people have been calling for since the Sandy Hook shooting two years ago. But sometimes police officers in schools seem to create more problems than they solve.

In Mableton, Georgia local CBS 46 reports that a school resource officer pepper sprayed himself this week, when he was trying to arrest someone for “trespassing” on the school grounds.

Last Wednesday at Pebblebrook High School, Cobb County Schools Director of Communication, Jay Dillon, explains that an officer confronted a person who school officials would only tell us “was not supposed to be there”.

For reasons the school would not comment on, the officer decided to discharge pepper spray into the eyes of the individual, even though there is no indication that he was fighting the officer. But it was a windy day out and a strong gust blew the pepper spray cloud back into the officer face.

Dillon says that no one was ever in any danger, which raises the question of why pepper spray was arbitrarily used on school grounds. The school did not release the officer’s name, but they did tell us that he is “recovering.”

In any event, as the officers rubbed at his eyes painfully, the individual in question managed to leave the school grounds on his own without being arrested by Dillon.

(Article by R. Abraham)

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