SWAT Cop Who Puts His ‘Military Style’ Sight On Backwards Wants To Be Trusted With Machine Gun

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Police all over the United States have been trusted with military weapons. M4s and other AR-15 platform weapons are a common sight at departments all over the country.

Police officers carrying assault weapons and select-fire automatic rifles designed for the military has become such a growing trend with police departments across the country that there are very few departments where officers do not carry these weapons in the trunks of their cruisers anymore.

But how exactly are we supposed to trust these officers with these sorts of weapons when in many cases they receive little or no training with them. In fact, in one particularly damning example, a SWAT officer was photographed with his sight mounted completely backwards on his M4 assault rifle.

The $500 “military style” close quarters combat sight, in the picture above, is attached to rifle backwards.

The effect of mounting the scope backwards is that it is rendered completely useless. The SWAT officer didn’t seem to notice.

The picture made its way to the top of military Reddit along with an array of disparaging comments about militarized police who don’t seems to know their proverbial asses from their elbows when it comes to the weapons they are being entrusted with.

image (3)

Below, you can see what the scope is supposed to look like when the sight on the right way:

image (2)

If police can’t even figure out how to put their sights on correctly, it goes without saying that they should not be trusted with weapons which they are clearly not trained or proficient in the use of.

(Article by Jackson Marciana; images via EOTech)



    Hahahaha!! I have NO military OR guns experience and even I CAN SEE that the sight is on backwards … the pics the opposing party posted reflect the weapon from the opposite side than the way it is pictured with the idiot, “wanna-be-military-but-didn’t-measure-up” cop!! LOLOL!! It’s EMBARASSINGLY obvious that the pic in the link reflects that the part of the weapon the bullets come from (the barrel?) is CLEARLY to the LEFT of the photo … Probably why he didn’t make military status … ijs

  2. The author is correct and this is funny.

  3. The author is correct… and this is funny as hell.

  4. He is also resting the gun on the end of the barrel. Even if the sight was mounted correctly, which it isn’t, he wouldn’t be accurate for shit.

    Typical hero complex idiocy

  5. ” Also, you can tell the sight is mounted correctly because the EOTech logo is facing the right direction. Reads from left to right, stock to barrel.” Um, all words (in English) read left to right. On one side they will go stock to barrel and on the other side they will go barrel to stock and if you flip in around it will still read the same way. If I hold my pbr with the mouth hole to the right I can still read “pbr” and if I hold it with the mouth hole to let I can still read “pbr”. It didn’t flip because I hold it the other way.

  6. Author IS for real. YOU are an armchair commando and obviously have no clue about weapon sights. It nis on BACKWARDS! You are an idiot.

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