New Jersey Town Bans Feeding Stray Cats

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The New Jersey town of West Orange just announced a complete ban on feeding stray cats.

Residents and visitors have been prohibited from feeding strays or wildlife anywhere in the town, according to NJ Advance Media for

The town council vote occurred earlier in September, and was an extension of a previous law that prohibited residents from feeding wildlife on town-owned properties. But now the law outright bans even the feeding of animals of any kind, anywhere in the town, including on their own private property.

The ordinance has sparked a debate as feeding strays is part of the implementation of the TNR Program. That program means “trap, neuter, release.” The Manager of the ASPCA, Kathleen O’Malley, former resident of West Orange, said that cats are trapped, neutered and also vaccinated while being returned outdoors.

The new law would make this illegal and – she argues – would lead to significantly higher stray cat populations, in spite of the stated aims of the ban.

Those supporting the ordinance said that the strays “put everyone at risk of rabies” and other various diseases.

(Article by Jackson Marciana)

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