Muslims Around The World Are Making Parody Videos To Mock ISIS

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In the fight against the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) there is a new weapon: comedy. As ISIS continues their brutal offensive in Syria and Iraq, many throughout the Islamic world have begun parodying the terror group on social media.

Dozens of hilarious campaigns have been launched on Twitter and Facebook, ridiculing the extremist group. Ironically enough, this front seems to be doing more damage to the group than U.S. strikes in Iraq. That’s because the main front ISIS is fighting on – more so than Iraq or Syria – is the Internet. ISIS uses social media and YouTube to propagandize and recruit. They seem to thrive on ideological opposition. But one thing they haven’t been able to successfully respond to is being made fun of by the Muslim majority.

“Sometimes, you have to mock, to belittle. Because sometimes, belittlement is your enemy’s greatest fear,” the Libyan-American writer Hend Amry said on Twitter.

Amry’s words came in response to his #ISISMovies, a hashtag used to spoof popular film titles in a way that mocks the ISIS terror group. Some examples can be seen below…

Similar to these riffs, Twitter users made fake covers such as a “Jihadi Vogue” spoof magazine, mocking the group, which actually does publish its own magazine.

Another hot topic of comedic parody is the expensive watch the elusive ISIS leader and would-be “Caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wore during a rare public appearance in Mosul back in July. Social media users ripped the “Caliph Ibrahim” for his expensive watch which accidentally slipped out from under the self-styled Caliph’s robe.

In Lebanon, an Onion-style article was published, joking that the militants said: “We do not yet understand the Logic of Lebanon,” the NOW News satire read. “I mean… Who the f*** do we overthrow around here?”

But one of the best parodies of ISIS so far is the video below, made by Palestinian opponents of the imagined “Islamic State” militants. The Palestinian satire TV show Watan ala Watar produced a segment ridiculing ISIS as buffoon-like hypocrites. The clip also notes the irony that ISIS is attacking everyone in the Middle East… except for Israel.

If you like the video and other parodies and you think the people who made them have the right idea, pass this on to someone who you think might also enjoy it.

(Article by Ibn Dawud and M.A. Hussein)

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