Geraldo Says Denouncing Recent Israeli Land Grab Doesn't Make Him a 'Self-Hating Jew'

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Earlier this week, Israel officially announced a massive new illegal land grab in Palestine. This land appropriation in the occupied West Bank is the biggest in 30 years, and has drawn condemnation from both Palestinian leaders and even the United States.
Israel Radio said that the land grab was retaliation to punish the West Bank for the killing of three Jewish settlers back in June. ISIS in the West Bank was the first to claim responsibility for this crime: something which the State of Israel has patently ignored time and time again.
But now, joining the ranks of many other famous American Jews, like comedian Jon Stewart, author Naomi Wolf and journalist Geraldo Rivera publicly denounced the land theft, and defended himself against critics, saying that this does not make him a “self-hating Jew.”
On his Facebook, Geraldo wrote the following:

Is it anti-Semitic or self-hating for a proud American Jew/Zionist to say Israel’s West Bank land grab last week is an arrogant, aggressive, sharp stick in the eye to the peace process?
Isn’t PM Netanyahu supposedly still committed to the two-state solution?
If so, what legitimate purpose is served by expropriation of Palestinian land near Bethlehem to give to settlers from Brooklyn?
How will we spin this one?
Did Hamas make us do it?

Jon Stewart also parodied the stereotypical attack from Israeli nationalists that criticism of illegal actions by the Netanyahu regime equates with being a “self-hating Jew.”
It seems that this tired, hawkish talking point is not going to float any longer. American Jews are increasingly joining the side of the Israeli Spring peace protesters, and saying “enough is enough!” They’re telling the Israeli government that this time they have gone too far, and the Jewish people are no longer going to stand for it!
(Article by Zeidy David and M.A. Hussein)