Reporters Covering Mike Brown Protests Arrested In Ferguson

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Amidst the protests erupting in Ferguson, Missouri against the police shooting of Mike Brown, two reporters have now been arrested.

These journalists had been covering the protests, rallies and marches when they were beaten and arrested by officers on Wednesday.

The first of them, Ryan Reilly, a justice correspondent for The Huffington Post, was quickly followed by the arrest of Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery.

The two were at a nearby McDonalds that was just down the street from the large epicenter of the protests. That’s when a SWAT team stormed in and demanded that they stop recording the protesters and the police response.

This demand was completely illegal. Recording the police is legal.

The law didn’t matter much, as Lowery was shoved into a vending machine by SWAT cops into a soda machine. Reilly’s, for his part, had his head smashed against glass.

Reilly said that the officers “essentially acted as a military force” against the journalists and against the protesters.

(Article by Jackson Marciana; image via Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

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