Street Magician Asks Cop If He Wants To Buy Weed, Watch What Happens Next!

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Street magician Calen Morelli is an illusionist who might just be the bravest man alive.

He was so confident in his mastery of illusion that he put it to the test by walking right up to a cop and offering to sell him marijuana.

Morelli approached the officer, interrupting his cell phone call and asked him – with sack in hand – if he wanted to “buy some weed.”

Watch what happens next in the video below!

Morelli still has the pot and no criminal charges to boot! Pass this on to anyone you know who wants to laugh at this grouchy cop’s expense!

UPDATE: In an interview with TMZ Live, three days after we published this report, Morelli admitted that the cop was an actor. The video is still great fun!

(Article by Jackson Marciana; image screen captured via YouTube)

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