Largest Pro-Gaza Protest In History Just Reached 150,000

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The United Kingdom’s largest demonstration for Gaza has just made history. Not only was it the biggest protest in solidarity with Gazan civilians in the UK, but it was also the largest in the world, at any time in history.

So many people turned up that when the front of the march reached Hyde Park, the back still had not left the BBC. We marched to demand an end to Israel’s barbaric assault on Gaza, to call on the British government to implement an immediate embargo on arms sales to Israel, and to show Palestinians facing Israel’s war crimes that they are not alone.


The protest took place on Saturday 9 August. Over 150,000 protestors marched from BBC Broadcasting House all the way to Hyde Park, right in front of the US Embassy along the way.



The protest was not against Jews, but against the aggression of the Israeli State against Gazan civilians. A huge number of Jewish protestors came in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Barnaby Raine, who organized the Jewish protestors’ involvement with the march explains why he was there demanding justice:


Watch the videos below to see more of this historic protest!

(Article by M.B. David and Isa Abu Jamal; images via Activestills)

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