Israeli Censor Tells The New York Times They Must 'Pre-Approve' Articles

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The New York Times revealed on Friday that the Israeli military told them to immediately stop publishing further information about certain critical articles.
Specifically, they were taking issue with stories about an Israeli soldier who we reported earlier today was captured by Hamas militants. Israel has said that they wish to first review such articles by a censor before signing off on them for The New York Times pages.
The New York Times, for their part, acknowledged this order in an article they published today, though the article itself was focused on the disappointing collapse of a cease-fire between Israel and Gaza.
The relevant quote from this article is reproduced in full, below:

After the initial publication of this article, the military’s censor informed The New York Times that further information related to the soldier would have to be submitted for prior review. Journalists for foreign news organizations must agree in writing to the military censorship system to work in Israel. This was the first censorship notification The Times had received in more than two years.

Later in the day, The New York Times added a new paragraph, about six hours after first publication of the article, according to Newsdiffs, a monitoring site that tracks changes in news stories online.
When confronted with this, The New York Times spokeswoman said she had no comment on the paper’s handling, or decision, related to the censorship notification.
(Article by M.B. David)