Ferguson Store Owner Says He Doesn’t Believe That’s Mike Brown On Surveillance Video

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The convenience store surveillance tapes that the Ferguson police released supposedly shows Michael Brown “robbing” a the local market shortly before being shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson. The Ferguson police have characterized this as a “robbery” in spite of the fact that it was carried out without any brandishing of a weapon. This was really more a case of petty theft shoplifting than anything else. But in an interesting turn of events, this Friday the owners of the store announced that they never said that they believed Michael Brown was even the individual who stole the item from their store.

While the owners of the market are speaking out through an attorney about the surveillance video, the mainstream media have decided to virtually ignore everything they said. Instead, the corporate media outlets have remained content to pretend that this video definitively identifies Michael Brown as the strong arm shoplifter.

The owners claim that this is a claim the police have come up with on their own. On the other hand though, Dorian Johnson, a witness to the shooting of Michael Brown, has reportedly confessed to being with Brown in the convenient store. But this has yet to be corroborated by the store owner, employees or eye witnesses. A number of questions remain as we are not hearing this from Johnson himself, and we already see just how deceptively the Ferguson police are willing to twist facts to suit their narrative.

The store owner, speaking through their attorney, even dispute the claim that they or an employee called 911. They explain that a customer inside the store made the call, and that is how police even got word of a crime, or a perpetrator who “fit the description” of Brown. The fact of the matter is that if there were an actual “robbery,” we can be certain that the store owner would have called the police.

In addition to clarifying that the store owners never said they believed, nor identified the suspect as being Michael Brown, they further claimed that the St. Louis County issued the warrants to confiscate the hard drive of surveillance video Friday. The warrants were issued based on the police claim that Brown “fit the description” of the person in the video. Remember, this was the person who the owners and employees of the store did not even see fit to call the police on due to the pettiness of the crime. The owner clarifies that neither the management of the shop, nor any employee has ever identified Mike Brown as the suspect recorded in the surveillance video.

The claim that the video recorded Brown “robbing” the convenience store is an assertion made by the police alone. The real question is why the mainstream, corporate media has been uncritically taking the word of the police on this matter, even over the eye witness testimonies of the store employees and owners?

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(Article by Reagan Ali; edits and contributing reporting by Arman B.)


  1. @likestocrocket.. IT WAS MICHAEL BROWN.. so stop making a false narrative.

  2. I think that the store owners are still getting threats so he is trying to appease the people of the neighborhood..IT WAS MICHAEL BROWN WHO WAS NOT A GENTLE GIANT BUT A BULLY WHO WENT INTO THE STORE AND TOOK WHATEVER HE WANTED.. and when the store keeper tried to stop him he pushed him around.. ONLY A FOOL WOULD TRY TO CHANGE THE TRUE NARRATIVE OF WHAT HAPPENED THAT DAY.. it was Michael Brown who was the aggresser.. it was Michael Brown who went at the police to do bodily harm.

  3. You don’t have to have a gun or any type of weapon to commit robbery. In this case, a robbery was committed because on the way out of the store he assaults the store owner. That makes it a robbery. If he would have had a gun then it would be an aggravated robbery. Shoplifting is different because it doesn’t involve the use of threats or violence by the suspect. They simply take something and try to sneak out with the item without getting caught and when confronted they comply. Clearly, that’s not what takes place in this video. If you are going to be a journalist and report on police matters it might be a good idea to take some classes on the law and legal terminology.

  4. lying is not twisting facts. lying it flat out making false statements. twisting facts is deceit, but lying is just making shit up.

  5. It was Mike Brown (RIP). Look at his body and what he was wearing. Same clothing as the Dude in the Video minus the red hat .

  6. Read the DOJ report, and watch the video from the scene after where you can hear a black witness in the background telling the same exact story, detail by detail, as the police officer.

    As far as the robbery, this is most obviously Michael Brown in that video. The little Asian clerk being shoved has plenty of reasons to deny that he called the police…. Look at what happened to that town…. It was burnt down with 120 million dollars in damages. Dorian Johnson, accompanying Brown, told the greatest fairy tale of all when it came to what happened on that street (and he has been caught lying in court before) … Yet even HE admits to not just being in the store with Brown, but watching Brown steal and shove the clerk, as in the video. If you go look at the pictures of Brown dead, he magically has the same colored and striped socks, and hat as the one in the video…. All magically… While Dorian Johnson admits to all of this happening, and admits it was him in the video. And if you go read the DOJ investigation, take a look at what the store owner actually said behind closed doors where he doesn’t feel threatened for his life by a bunch of dangerous criminals who burnt down their own city.

    Also, take a listen to the audio recording of the shooting. It magically matches up squarely with the cop’s testimony and all witnesses who corroborated that. You can go look at pictures of the physical evidence and notice not a single witness who inculpated that cop succeeded in matching up with the physical evidence, as well as all of the witnesses who matched squarely up with it, including the one who you can hear in the video at the scene within 5 minutes of the shooting describing what happened detail by detail the same as the cop.

    If you listen to the audio recording as well, you will notice, these were the last 10 shots, and the first volley was 6 shots in 1.8 seconds. The trails of blood 20-25 feet behind Brown’s body splatted in the formation of two bullet wounds. What it means is, 8/12 shots had been fired at Michael Brown, and he still managed to move 20-25 feet towards the officer, who is proven to have back pedaled 5-10 feet, and still had Brown die within 5 feet in front of him.

    This was a very well propagandized shooting by the media and they sure did a good job exposing all of you who simply do not have brains. None of us in the triple 9 society fell for this. You should have been able to figure it out knowing that cop worked 12 hour shifts almost everyday for six straight years in a poor black community without firing his gun a single time, and then his first time shooting is the kid everyone saw being stupid enough to wrestle with a police officer through the window, ten minutes after what he did in that store…. And remember, it was not his friend in the store with him who didn’t steal or shove that clerk that got shot.

    But most Americans cannot think.

  7. It’s clear as day him. And it makes no difference what some owner thinks. If he wasn’t there, he has no more of worthwhile an opinion than anyone else looking at the video. Why would Brown’s friend falsely confess to being there? You’re seriously destroying all journalistic credibility with this lie.

    Look at one of the photos of the crime scene where Brown was killed. He’s wearing the exact same clothing. While there might have been another big black guy with exactly the same shirt and shorts in the same area at the same time, not with those shoes and socks. He is wearing literally the same clothing, is the same person, and was with the same person.

    Junk journalism.

    What’s particularly sad is that you’re so stupid you don’t realize your lie and coverup doesn’t mean anything anyway. His confrontation with the cop may have started because of this, or it might not have, it’s irrelevant. IT IS IRRELEVANT. So your desperate lies against the flagrantly obvious truth are pointless. The only thing that matters is what happened with the cop.

  8. It’s clear as day him. You’re completely full of shit. And it makes no difference what some owner thinks. If he wasn’t there, he has no more of worthwhile an opinion than anyone else looking at the video. Why the fuck would Brown’s friend falsely confess to being there? You’re seriously destroying all journalistic credibility with this bullshit.

    Look at one of the photos of the crime scene where Brown was killed. He’s wearing the exact same clothing. While there might have been another big black guy with exactly the same shirt and shorts in the same area at the same time, not with those shoes and socks. They stand way out.

  9. He used force against the person. That is not “shoplifting”, it is strong armed robbery. Robbery includes offenses that use force or threat of use of force, as this one did. And since the family of Michael Brown themselves said that was him on the tape, I think I will take their word for it.

  10. Why is it relevant that it wasn’t Michael Brown? The general build is the same, I’d say, and as far as the officer should be concerned, that’s still his guy. What happened after the correct/incorrect identification is what’s vital in the case.

  11. First off you do not need a weapon to rob a place of business. This is called “Strong arm Robbery” or Robbery of the 2nd degree. Intimidation and physical violence was clear in the video.

    569.030. 1. A person commits the crime of robbery in the second degree when he forcibly steals property.

    2. Robbery in the second degree is a class B felony.

    Secondly, regardless of the severity of the crime or as the author put it “pettiness” it still was in fact a crime.

    Now it seems a very hypocritical stance to dismiss Dorian Johnson’s admission to being at the store with Michael Brown while stating that the police and media are dismissing the store owner not believing it was indeed Michael Brown on the tape.

    It seems a very reasonable statement for the store owner to make so that harm would not come upon him personally or upon his property from the community. Given the atrocious riots this seems like somewhat of a smart thing to do.

    You also fail to mention the witnesses that saw Michael Brown attacking the police officer in his vehicle before being shot.

    Look in reality we may never know what actually took place. Both police brutality and senseless crime are a problem in our society. As a news outlet that prides itself on being “Alternative” you need to hold yourselves to a higher standard to bring actual research and intellect to the world. The fact that the author did not know the definition of robbery states that they have no business weighing in on the discussion or possibly swaying someones judgement of the situation.

  12. The police report said that $50 worth of Swisher Sweets were stolen.

  13. What I would ask is why is the big guy in the store video wearing flip-flops, but the images of Michael Brown lying dead in the street just moments later show the dead body clearly wearing lace up shoes? Did he change into his shoes somewhere on his way to meeting the cop??

  14. Bull. That was Brown. He was a thug who attacked a cop and got shot. He deserved what he got

  15. sorry to disagree, but the images of both gentlemen match their descriptions & size. the video matches what actions were described by owner (handing the cigars over). also the clothes of the individual match the body lying in the street. you are right, it is best described as shoplifting and disorderly behavior. this whole mess is a tragedy, but i disagree with ‘no apparent cause’. of course, his death is not justifable, but his actions escalated the altercation with police and it is so tragic.

  16. When are you pathetic fools going to recognize what is really going on here? The reason the Murder-Pig-posing-as-a-prosecutor waited until after DARK to released his taunt, stating the Murder-Pig Furgeson would get away with IT’s murder, was so that HIS GOONS could more easily get away with setting fires and violently attacking neighborhood businesses!

    Don’t you GET it? The whole INTENT here is to MANUFACTURE a RACE-WAR, and THERE-BY destroy the Constitution of the United States, and REPLACE it with a Fascist DICTATORSHIP! These Secret Society Fascist murder-pigs ARE waging a CLANDESTINE WAR against ALL Truth, Justice, and human decency! They are American CITIZENS in NAME ONLY, and the only way to FIX this thing is to put THEM into the for-Profit Prison-industrial-complex cages that they have been BUILDING for US!

  17. Karma caught up to the violent thug finally. Robbed a store(depends on the jurisdiction, but when you use force as MB did, it becomes a robbery PERIOD) and had a chance to get away yet again with another crime. Instead the arrogant dummy walks in the middle of the street like he is all that. Gets seen and called on it by the police. Instead of demonstrating the slightest bit of intelligence(note, I did not say morality), he once again demonstrates his arrogance, his thuggery, his violence. All he had to do was get out of the street, but no, chance #2 blown. Now he violently attacks the officer and tries to kill him. He fails like he has failed at so much in life. With the officer dazed from his attack, MB has opportunity #3 to escape. But no, chance #3 blown. He stops, turns, ignores all warnings and tries to attack and kill the officer for the second time. He fails. He got was he deserved. To bad and very sad the officer had to have his life threatened, be harmed and to loose his job, career, and have his life changed forever due to a violent thug.

  18. I’ll settle this once and for all. Weather you have the cognitive skills to understand or weather you can put you hate and biased aside is totally up to you. Obviously this site cant. Michael Brown’s little buddy SAID IT WAS HIM. The kids attorney SAID IT WAS HIM(and of course he had no idea Michael Brown was going to steal the cigars). Michael Brown’s FAMILY acknowledged it was him-ie ‘…’he did not deserved to die for (stealing) from a store…’ -and 1 or 2 other variations as well. Enough said and STFU.

  19. More scrambling to portray Michael Brown as a criminal when it doesn’t matter. Every time an officer kills a human he should be tried in court and have to prove that it was justified. This is the decent thing to do, and every single other human in this country would have to go to court to defend their actions that caused the death at their hands. Why in the hell did this officer get away with murder? Why do police officers get away with murder and other abuses of human rights EVERY SINGLE DAY. People die in custody on a routine and ritual basis, sometimes pleading for their lives. They are met with indifference and neglect as officers stand by and either allow them to die or assist in their demise. It sickens me, and I’ve been warning people about it for over 40 years. Some people refuse to listen to valid warnings about police brutality and abuse because they know one cop. I’ve had people block me on Facebook for posting stories about the police because they simply can’t handle the truth about their husbands, uncles, brothers, sister, aunts, moms, daughters, sons, etc. Cops are people who MUST have power and the final authority over others. It has become a disease that we reward. Disgusting. This country doesn’t need more police. It needs fewer.

  20. I never did believe that the person robbing the store was Michael Brown. Anyone seeing the store video (as grainy as it is) would see that its someone else, not Michael Brown

  21. I never did believe that the person robbing the store was Michael Brown and wondered how anyone seeing the store video could possibly say that it was Michael Brown.

  22. The foundational issues of poverty, inferior education, lack of housing, and familial role models that are BLOOD gang members is the underlying problem. Solution, my friends, is to rise above the gang influences, go to school, vote and work hard to better your life. Smoke a doobie on the side, obey the law and do what the cop says. If you think destroying property and damaging the business owners lives is the answer – we are not making progress in the communities of color.

  23. Apparently the legal experts here don’t understand law. Shop Lifting is taking something and not paying for it. Once you use physical force it escalates to strong arm robbery. Whoever it was in the video used physical force in the commission of the theft.

  24. What’s important, is that a person charged a police officer. If you think that anyone has the right to be treated calmly, by a police officer who is being attacked, you’ve missed out on understanding the law. Once you stop doing what a police officer tells you to do, you have broken the law. That police officer had a weapon. It is his responsibility to protect the public. If he feels that his safety or those around him are in jeopardy, guess what, your safety, as the provoker of the escalating situation, are not going to be treated calmly. If the two persons involved differ in size as has been depicted by the media, the police officers would be at a disadvantage in a physical struggle. If Michael Brown lowered his head and charged at the officer, then you should completely understand why he would of drawn his weapon and fired.

    They are trained to do that, and that’s why you should never, ever challenge the authority of the police, let alone “start” a physical altercation with them.

    There is a video circulating on Facebook which completely describes, without any doubt, exactly what any race or community of people should think/feel/understand about what happened. It’s really sad that Michael Brown is dead. It should not of happened. And Michael Brown took his own action to create the scene that led to his death.


  25. Brown had the cigars with him and you can see his accomplish Dorian Johnson in the video.

    The reason the cop shot the kid is because the kid tried to kill him. The evidence supports this statement.

    Justice will not be served because policeman life is ruined because he did not let a thug kill him.

  26. How dare you minimize this CRIME. Just shoplifting? Have you been that desensitized yourself, as much as the storeowner has, to not have bothered to call? The quote at the end of the report explains everything ~ the storeowner has been there in the community a long time and hopes to keep it that way. They didn’t report it because they didn’t see it. It probably happens so frequently, they don’t bother. Obviously putting up with bullies ALL.THE.TIME. One less, now. This big kid and his thug friends are a bad seed, but that’s no reason to justify bully cops either. The grand jury saw enough evidence and details to know that was him. Or are there so many just like him doing this everywhere that it could easily be someone else? Not gonna happen in my town.

  27. I call baloney! True it does not matter anymore at this point if it was him. Michael Brown refused to get out of the street as asked to and decided it was a good idea to try and strongarm a cop and go for his gun in the vehicle. The store owners are probably afraid their store will be burned down. Several witnesses who claimed to be witnesses told lies. I say the cop had a justifiable cause. What would you have done if you were the cop? Don’t forget that part. Everybody is saying that everybody else is lying. All this rioting going on there and all over the US is doing nothing but asking for more people to become angry and more people to get hurt. It is not helping and anyone that thinks it is, I would hate to be you. This whole incident is destroying trust and any advancements that have been made between races. It is setting us all back and that cannot be good.

  28. It’s considered a “robbery” because he didn’t hide something under his shirt and walk out; he physically handled the store owner who was trying to get him to pay for the merchandise and he got shoved and threatened with a beating. If someone came up to you on the street and threatened to kick your ass for the $50 you have in your wallet, that is a “robbery”, not a “theft”. “Retail fraud”? Please! Do you know what “fraud” means?


    569.030. Robbery in the second degree.

    Robbery in the second degree.
    569.030. 1. A person commits the crime of robbery in thesecond degree when he forcibly steals property.

    2. Robbery in the second degree is a class B felony.

    (L. 1977 S.B. 60)
    Effective 1-1-79

    (1986) Sufficient force to constitute robbery in the second degree was found in a purse-snatching. State v. Butler, 719 S.W.2d 35 (Mo.App.).

    – See more at: http://statutes.laws.com/missouri/t38/c569/569_030#sthash.U7Rh2BWz.dpuf

  30. This article is not accurate. Whether this individual is Mike Brown or not. The crime is still a robbery. To separate a larceny and robbery isn’t a weapon. It’s the use of force or the threat of use or force. From the video the individual clearly threatens the store owner and pushes him which in law classification would fit a robbery. If you don’t know the simple laws such as this. Your article is flawed from the start.

  31. Soooo, if that isn’t Brown in the pic robbing the store, how come that Brown just ‘happened’ to have a hand full of those cigars when confronted by the cop as Brown was walking down the middle of the street? Or are the cops lying about that?

  32. ROFL…

    Author apparently never heard the term, “Strong Arm Robbery”…

    Let me clear that up for you.

    Robbery—Strong-arm—Hands, Fists, Feet, Etc.
    The category of Robbery—Strong-arm—Hands, Fists, Feet, etc., (3d) includes muggings and similar offenses in which only personal weapons such as hands, arms, feet, fists, and teeth are employed or their use is threatened to deprive the victim of possessions.

    In the absence of force or threat of force, as in pocket-picking or purse-snatching, the offense must be classified as larceny-theft rather than robbery. However, if in a purse-snatching or other such crime, force or threat of force is used to overcome the active resistance of the victim, the offense must be classified as strong-arm robbery (3d).

    The following scenarios illustrate incidents known to law enforcement that reporting agencies must classify as Robbery—Strong-arm (3d):

    During a purse-snatching, a thief shoved a woman to the ground and took her purse. The thief escaped.
    A juvenile was observed by a store security guard concealing compact discs under his shirt. When he was confronted, the youth punched the security guard and fled the store, leaving the compact discs behind.

    Secondly, why does it matter to you *who*called 911 to report the robbery?

  33. I think some people need to learn what robbery is compared to petty theft. If there is physical force, or even a threat of physical force, and even FEAR can be counted as physical force or threat to bodily harm, it is robbery. This isn’t even a question of petty theft versus robbery. I sat on a jury once where the guy was convinced of 2nd degree robbery because he threatened the store clerk. He had no weapon and didn’t lay a hand on him. But the fact that he caused fear and threatened the clerk, it became robbery instead of theft.

    There’s a reason why lawyers aren’t coming out and claiming it is theft…because it isn’t. Not by a long shot.

  34. Mike Brown’s action constituted robbery. When he stole the cigars in plain view he was guilty of theft not shoplifting. When the store owner got in his way to stop him from leaving and Brown used physical force in the course of the theft or flight therefrom, that elevated the crime to a strong arm robbery. (Shoplifting is the act of concealing merchandise for the purpose of stealing it or by switching tags to pay a lessor price.) I hope this clarifies for you what Brown did. I would have represented him for $750.00 in Municipal Court for the theft but once he pushed the store owner or threatened the use of force he was guilty of an indictable offense. My fee would have gone up to $5000.00 if it was his first indictable because we could have pled it down to a probationary sentence. I hope that clears it up for you.

  35. on the mike brown situation why is the news media still saying that it was a robbery ,knowing that it was shoplifting or retail fraud, and why has no one corrected them yet, get to work lawyers.

    • Definition –
      ROBBERY: Law. the felonious taking of the property of another from his or her person or in his or her immediate presence, against his or her will, by violence or intimidation.

      Mike Brown according to that video indeed was committing a felony (Robbery) by taking property that wasn’t his, in the immediate presence of the owner (against their will) by Mike Brown’s intimidation (threat to physical bodily harm). ROBBERY. NOT shoplifting, not retail fraud…..ROBBERY. That’s why the lawyers are not ‘getting to work’ on this because they KNOW FOR LEGAL FACT that Michael Brown was committing ROBBERY in that store.

      It is the inaccurate and false view points of simple TRUTH (let’s call the light darkness and the darkness light – let’s call robbery fraud and fraud robbery) that has turned this situation into a absolute travesty.

    • It is second degree robbery. Just google Missouri statutes.

    • From Missouri State Law:
      “569.030. 1. A person commits the crime of robbery in the second degree when he forcibly steals property.

      2. Robbery in the second degree is a class B felony.”

    • No one has corrected them yet because they are right and you are wrong.

      Missouri Revised Statutes – § 569.030. — Robbery in the second degree.
      A person commits the crime of robbery in the second degree when he forcibly steals property.

      Sufficient force to constitute robbery in the second degree was found in a purse-snatching. State v. Butler, 719 S.W.2d 35 (Mo.App.)


    • Because the perpetrator of this crime used physical force to obtain the merchandise that was taken, this crime is correctly classified as a robbery. The fact that no weapon was used and the dollar amount of the merchandise taken is not relevant to the classification of the crime. If the perpetrator simply takes the cigars,conceals them, and then attempts to leave the store that would be a simple shoplifting. The moment the perpetrator uses physical force to complete the theft, it becomes a strong arm robbery.

    • in my experience shoplifting generally doesn’t involve lifting the owner by the neck and shoving

      that isn’t the sort of lifting the phrase suggests. generally theres quite a bit more of doing… rather the opposite of that, and with an element of stealth.

    • @jclark318i: Shoplifting is robbery. and it wasn’t retail fraud… HE ROBBED THE STORE.. TAKING SOMETHING THAT YOU DO NOT PAY FOR IS STEALING, STEALING IS ROBBERY.

  36. Whether the kid was shoplifting the store or not is irrelevant to the tragedy that happened down the street. Whether he had been smoking Cannabis or not is irrelevant as well. What is relevant is that a cop shot a kid dead in the street with no apparent justifiable cause and justice should be done.

    Time will tell. Let the (rusty) wheels of justice turn.

    • You are no longer a kid at 18 years old. A lot of men are as physically mature as they will ever be, stop saying that.

      No apparent justifiable cause? Stop playing the victim card. Michael Brown robbed a store, assaulted the store owner and attacked a police officer, as confirmed by multiple BLACK witnesses. That is the justifiable cause.

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