Facebook Just Censored Author Naomi Wolf For Speaking Out About Gaza

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Naomi Wolf has made a lot of waves lately with her comments on Gaza. People of all (and no) religions have paid particular interested in her running commentary on Facebook.

Many began listening to her commentary after news broke that she walked out of her synagogue when they refused to denounce the bombing of civilians in Gaza.

Now many dissidents in American and global Jewish communities, as well as other peace activists have been checking her Facebook page regularly to hear what she has to say.

Then, abruptly, Naomi revealed today that the social media giant sent her a warning which suggested that her account could be removed. She explained further that they had censored images she had posted from her sources on the ground in Gaza.

“We received a warning from [Facebook],” she said. “Probably due to the graphic nature of the images that were posted by contributors and citizen journalists, of wounded and dying in Gaza.”

Facebook refused to tell her which of their terms of service she had violated.

“I think of how many horrific Holocaust images I have sat through,” she said, commenting on the hypocrisy of the Facebook censorship.

This, she continued, “seems a journalistic/editorial double standard to me. I wrote in a piece in 1995 about abortion, Our Bodies, Our Souls that made the case that ‘the argument that the truth is in poor taste is the very definition of hypocrisy.'”

If you have not been following Naomi Wolf yet, then perhaps this will give you a reason to start. Take a look at some of her posts and let us know if you think any of what she has said violates Facebook community standards.

(Article by R. Abraham; Arman B.; image via Wikipedia)


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