Arizona Police Taser Unarmed Man To Death

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Littlefield, Arizona police recently tasered a man to death after he tried to flee a the scene of a traffic stop.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office explains that the motorcyclist had been stopped on the Arizona Strip, about 90-miles northeast of Las Vegas, after riding his motorcycle with no rear license plate.

Spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office, Trish Carter said that when police officers attempted to stop the motorcyclist, he fled on foot into the desert.

While police quickly found him hiding in nearby bushes, they decided to taser him for good measure.

He was tasered over and over, by multiple officers. Even once he was clearly subdued, the tasering continued.

The deputies handcuffed the man and were leading him towards their cruisers when he stopped breathing.

The killing is now being investigated by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The deputies involved have been placed on paid administrative leave.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office has thus far refused to identify the motorcyclist publicly.

What this boils down to is another unarmed man killed for not staying put at a traffic stop. Many of these people you see running at traffic stops have warrants because they do not have the money to pay the extortion racket of parking and traffic tickets. Then, when they run, they are killed. In effect, some say this is tantamount to executing them over money? What do you think?

(Article by Jackson Marciana)

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