Nearly 1,000 Israeli Peace Protestors Defy Government’s New BAN On Protests

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Since the Israeli Defense Forces began bombing Gaza, anti-war peace rallies have been held in every major city of Israel.

Every single week since the beginning of the IDF operation in Gaza, which began on July 8, cities like Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv have seen enormous turn outs at the these peace protests, some numbering as high as 10,000 strong.

But just last weekend, the Israeli government announced that it would no longer allow citizens to assemble and protest. Citing “security concerns” for rockets that simply were not falling whatsoever on cities like Tel Aviv, the State said that peace protests would no longer be allowed.


But in spite of this prohibition on freedom of speech and assembly, hundreds of Israelis – estimated at between 500-1,000 – turned out in Tel Aviv to defy the ban and declare their opposition to the War on Gazan civilians. Our reporters who were in attendance inform us that police arrested nearly 20, but soon gave up when they realized the crowd was not backing down.

Israeli Knesset member, MK Tamar Zandberg from the Meretz party, called the cancellation unacceptable.

“This means we cannot protest the war during the war. This is exactly the time when the police and security forces should defend our freedom of expression and demonstration and not rush to block it,” Zandberg said.

Watch the video from the rally below…

If you support these brave peace protestors, fighting both for the civilians of Gaza and for the rights of the people to assemble and protests against the actions of their government, then pass this story along to help spread the word, raise awareness and support.

(Article by M.B. David, and Ari Simeon; images via Ronny Edry and Tomer Appelbaum)

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