Why Did Naomi Wolf Just Walk Out of Her Synagogue?

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You may know Naomi Wolf, as an author, but she is also a social critic, and political activist. Just yesterday, she explained on Facebook that she recently walked out of her Synagogue. The reason was that in spite of her calls for them to denounce the killing of innocent civilians in Gaza, the shul refused. As a result, she said that walking out was the only ethically consistent thing for her to do.
Naomi Wolf has been critical of the Israeli Defense Forces and the right-wing military siege on Gaza which seems to have disproportionately injured and killed innocent civilians.
She even said that she wouldn’t hesitate to describe the War on Gaza as “genocide.”

Challenged below for why I am mourning genocide in Gaza. I mourn genocide in Gaza because I am the granddaughter of a family half wiped out in a holocaust and I know genocide when I see it. People are asking why I am taking this ‘side’. There are no sides. I mourn all victims. But every law of war and international law is being broken in the targeting of civilians in Gaza. I stand with the people of Gaza exactly because things might have turned out differently if more people had stood with the Jews in Germany. I stand with the people of Gaza because no one stood with us. I went to synagogue last Friday night and had to leave because I kept waiting for the massacre of Gaza to be addressed. … Nothing. Where is god? God is only ever where we stand with our neighbor in trouble and against injustice. I turn in my card of faith as of now because of our overwhelming silence as Jews…I don’t mean Israelis, a separate issue…about the genocide now in Gaza.
I want no other religion than this, that is, seeing rather than denying my neighbor under fire and embracing rather than dismissing those targeted with annihilation and ethnic cleansing.

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(Article by R. Abraham and Arman B.)