THOUSANDS of PRO-PEACE Israelis Take To The Streets In Protest

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Thousands of Israeli citizens took to the streets yesterday, protesting in Haifa against the Israeli Defense Forces’ ground war in Gaza that was recently announced.
The protesters’ blocked the main road that goes to Ben Gurion International Airport, shutting down traffic in a non-violent direct action.
Police arrived on the scene and violence soon erupted. Most of the protesters were Israeli Palestinians (Palestinians within the borders of Israel who have Israeli citizenship), but Israeli Jews were in attendance as well, showing solidarity with the Gazan citizens. Sixteen of the protesters were arrested by Israeli police.
Israeli media has deliberated avoided covering the protest and direct action. It received barely a mention online on only a small handful of Israeli news sites. Others ignored it altogether.
Outside of Israel, this important protest has virtually been ignored. Help spread the word since the corporate media is asleep at the wheel.
(Article by Isa Abu Jamal; M.B. David; Ari Simeon; image via Abbas Hamideh)