NBC Reporter Documented Israeli Airstrikes On Civilians, Then NBC Pulled Him

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Ayman Mohyeldin, a correspondent for NBC News witnessed yesterday’s bombing of four Palestinian boys by Israeli Defense Forces on a Gazan beach.
Mohyeldin had been receiving widespread praise for his efforts in covering the War on Gaza in a truly balanced and informed way.
NBC executives, however, now think that it would be a better idea for Mohyeldin to come home, instead of continuing to cover the conflict.
The executives say that this is only about “security concerns” due to Israel’s impending ground invasion.
But reporters in Syria and elsewhere have seen much higher death tolls and have not been called back to the United States. So why is Gaza being treated differently?
Mohyeldin said that only moments before they were killed, he had been kicking a soccer ball with the civilian boys who the IDF bombed on the beach in Gaza.
All boys were from the same family, and each of them was between the ages of 9 and 11.
Mohyeldin appeared on MSNBC’s show All In with Chris Hayes later, recounting the details of everything he witnessed.
(Article by M.A. Hussein; images via NBC and Twitter)