Lawsuits Filed As Chicago Denies Black People Concealed Carry Licenses



Since the State of Illinois passed a controversial Concealed Carry Weapons permit law last year, a flood of African American applicants have found themselves denied even though they are qualified to receive the permits according to the prerequisites of the law. After hundreds of such residents took a firearms training course, paid an array of fees, and submitted fingerprints for a background check that were then ultimately passed, African American applicants have been receiving notices earlier this year that a special review board has denied their applications for concealed carry licenses.

One such example, Michael Thomas was puzzled that as a former Air Force reservist who routinely carried a gun during military service and has never had a run-in with the law, was turned down, even though the law does not afford police the discretion to deny permits to those who meet the prerequisites and who are not legally prohibited. But Thomas is just one of more than 800 people who have been denied licenses by the board. This board meets behind closed doors and keeps its records and reasoning secret. Even when applicants meet all the criteria, the board says they have no obligation to explain themselves… even when it seems clear that the only disqualifying factor is the color of the applicant’s skin.

Thomas wrote to the Illinois State Police, requesting a review of the decision, assuming that it must have been a mistake.

“I have never been arrested or convicted of any offense, either misdemeanor or felony, in the state of Illinois or any other state,” Thomas explained in his letter. “I have no criminal record of any type.”

The state police sent him a letter back, saying that the board’s decisions couldn’t be reviewed. Thomas, they explained would have to petition a court in order to appeal.

So that’s what Thomas did. He joined 193 other Illinoisans – many of whom happen to be African Americans – in filing lawsuits against the state police. Interestingly, few Caucasians who applied for the permit in Illinois have found themselves denied, even when their records are a bit more tarnished (though without felonies), than Thomas’s squeaky-clean background.

Officials still won’t say why Thomas’ application was denied. They won’t say who denied it either, but the lawsuit hopes to shed some light on this apparently racist review board. Some of those who joined the suit are alleging that the state of Illinois only wants to arm Caucasians, but when people of other ethnic backgrounds apply for permits, they often find themselves inexplicably denied.

Thomas’s clean record seems to be corroborated by a search of Cook County court records, where he lives. The database turned up no charges. An Air Force spokesman further reported to the local Tribune that Thomas received and honorable discharged in 2012. They added that his military record contains no unfavorable information.

Lawyers involved in the cases say “There are law-abiding citizens in the state of Illinois who are fully eligible to carry, and they are denied the right and not given any notice as to why,” according to David Thompson, a Washington, D.C., attorney hired to file companion lawsuits in Illinois state court and U.S. District Court. “We want a process established that gives people notice of what evidence the state used to make the determination … and an opportunity to rebut by putting in their own evidence.”

Federal law prohibits convicted felons and convicted domestic abusers from obtaining firearms. Illinois goes even further with their requirements for obtaining a concealed carry permit. So why are Caucasians being given licenses, while African Americans and others with clean records are being turned away?

It makes you wonder.

(Article by Jackson Marciana and Arman B.)


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  2. Any time a group is singled out for discriminatory behavior like this, it is a violation of Article 1, section 9 of the US Constitution, which forbids bills of attainder and ex post facto laws. Bills of attainder are those laws, rules or regulations, whether federal or state, or within a state, actions, laws, rules and regulations, that target a group and deny them equal protection and due process under the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution. When a municipality or state denies applications without there being a need to protect some public good, or when calligraphers want to discriminate against gay couples, or when bakers refuse to bake cakes for gay couples, or when florists refuse to make arrangements for gay couples, the rule against singling a group of people and denying them equal protection under the law comes into play.

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    The thing I don’t get is why is it part of the constitution – your right to bare arms?

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  5. just goes to show that the democraps do not want you to carry. so join the NRA and they will help you legally.

  6. I have said time and again that all the gun laws popping up are written FOR WHITE MEN only. Here in SC its supreme court said that women can not use “stand your ground” against an abusive husband….no matter how many times he put you in the hospital with broken bones. GET EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO THE POLLS. IT IS UP TO US.

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    Illinois must be sued yet again to strike down its “may issue” law, and forced by the court to replace it with a “shall issue” law that removes all discretion from the issuing authorities if the basic criteria are met.

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      You honestly think the government is just trying to disarm and oppress black people? You must live in a tiny world, closed off from reality. Republicans and Democrats alike want nothing more than to enslave us all and live like kings at our expense.

      In response to your whole 2016 thing, Obama is in on the whole race baiting deal. Hell, he’s probably the one pulling all of the strings. If anything, the racial tension should calm down once he’s out of office, that is unless the gov. or all you racists get your way and start some kind of counterproductive conflict by then.

      If people like you would stop trying to segregate the population and incite race wars, we might actually make a dent in reducing racism and it’s even possible that we could rise up as one united nation and strike down the overgrown government that is oppressing us all.

  11. Keep on pushing it people. These type of ad hoc decisions by these anonymous committees are ridiculous. If you qualify under the law you should be able to declare your license or permit granted. That’s what a state senator sponsored and got passed in Minnesota when it comes to any type of license or permit issued by the state, if a person has paid his fee and complied with all of the state’s application process. Whomever sponsored the initial law should be contacted to amend the law to include the same consideration, in order to circumvent this problem which is what people were experiencing with all licenses and permits in Minnesota, a person has the right after 60 days if he/she has not received a written statement telling him why he was denied for cause, to declare his/her license or permit granted pursuant to whatever section of law authorizes it.

  12. Nowhere in this articles does it mention the political party of the review board. You sound like a fucking crazy person.

    • Doesn’t sound so crazy if you refer to history. Democrats have always attempted to disarm the blacks. The NRA has always, from way back in the 1800’s, supported them having the right to bear arms. Refer to the Deacons of Defense and Social Justice an historic black movement.

      • yet another person that doesn’t know the real truth about the NRA. the only reason they support people’s “right to bear arms” is because they’re backed by the gun manufacturers! of course they want people to own guns! the NRA wasn’t ever trying to help black people do shit! in fact, the actual members{not the leadership, though i’m sure there are some of them that feel the same way} are mostly white people who DO NOT want black people to have guns because they think most black people are irresponsible, dumb, and most of all, criminals. the only exposure they have to black people is what they see in the media and we know how they portray black people! in the case of this story, it’s the actual state that is keeping black people from their right to carry a gun. can you guess who is on the state boards? more white guys who think all black people are criminals and the only reason they would want a gun is to knock over a liquor store! anyone who reads the facts of this story and doesn’t see the inherent racism in this situation doesn’t want to see it.

      • So, you’re saying Ronald Reagan, a republican, was not against the black panther party movement……got it.

    • Lori,

      First of all, they are trying to deny people their Constitutional right to bear arms. If any rational person had to guess which party this was, they’d certainly say “Democrat”, and with confidence in their answer.

      Second, this is Chicago. Chicago has been controlled (and ruined) by Democrats for decades.

      You sound like a ****ing dumb person.

  13. Yes, it makes you wonder. It makes you wonder why black Americans vote for Democrats.

    Nobody works harder to make sure black Americans remain disarmed than the party they loyally support.

    Good for these folks challenging the obvious BS.

    • Who was the Ca governor in the early 70s? That governor made a point to oppress the black panther party movement for policing the police with open carry. So if you don’t see a discriminating act there than i hope you enjoy your bubble. And i ain’t even black. Lol

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