Activists Decide To Fight Back Against 'Anti-Homeless' Spikes

Activism, War on the Poor

Earlier this summer we reported about spikes that had been placed in public places in order to deter homeless people from sitting or laying down.
Now this war on the homeless has a bit of a twist. A group of activists, in their battle for human rights for the poor has decided to take direct action.
The reprehensible “anti-homeless” spikes, installed under London’s various anti-homeless laws, have been used for a long time. Recently, however, these spikes have gained some international attention, thanks to internet activism on social media.
Recently a number of “Homes Not Spikes” protests which were organized by Left Unity, gave rise the this morning’s direct action campaign against the anti-homeless spikes.
In the early hours of the morning, a group of activists dressed up as construction workers. Police didn’t even stop them, as they thought they were acting in a legitimate capacity, as they poured concrete over the metal spikes.

A group known as London Black Revolutionaries claimed responsibility for direct action at a Tesco Metro on Regent Street.
The group promised that they would continued these actions until all of the spikes were removed. that they would continue their illegal actions as long as the spikes remain.
Tesco has said that their use of the spikes is only to deter smoking and drinking.
Regardless, the London Black Revolutionaries said they will destroy these spikes wherever they find them.
(Article by Jackson Marciana)