Duck Dynasty’s Robertson Family EXPOSED As Multimillion Dollar WELFARE ‘KINGS’

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Last December, we exposed the Robertson family from Duck Dynasty as complete frauds who adopted their image as part of a massively successful marketing campaign. Now it seems that their politics may be just for show as well.

Watch the video below where radio host, author, and former psychotherapist, Thom Hartmann discusses how the Robertson family has taken $4.5 million from the government, even while publicly speaking out against government funded welfare for the poor and needy…

Couple this with the photos we release exposing the Robertson family for growing beards and acting country for publicity, and it turns out this mega-rich family has pulled off a truly successful marketing scheme. Not only do they come from cleanly-shaven, yuppie roots, but even their Right-Wing anti-welfare rhetoric is just for show, while they devour government aid themselves.


In the wake of the recent homophobia and racism scandals surrounding A&E’s popular so-called “reality” show Duck Dynasty, there is an important, little-known detail that should be remembered: it’s all fake… all of it.

Sources close to the show have time and time again leaked details that the show is literally scripted. Because of non-disclosure agreements, cameramen, and others who wish to go public with this information have proven unable to do so. As a result, without a name attached to such leaked information, many of these claims of inauthenticity are seen as lacking credibility.

But as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” One thing that the so-called “Duck Dynasty” family cannot deny are family pictures taken before their fabricated “reality” show was scripted for them. These pictures all showcase a family devoid of backwoods attire: no camouflage, no face paint, no headbands, and no beards.


In the place of Real Tree camo shotguns, we see the family above with golf clubs.

Below is the real Jase Robertson and Family. They look like any other clean-cut wealthy Caucasian family. Admittedly, we see a very trim, socially acceptable beard in this picture… nothing like the costumes the family dons for the popular A&E show.


Here are Jase and Missy Robertson. Jase is a whole lot hairier and a whole lot richer.


But Jase isn’t the only one pulling the proverbial wool over viewers’ eyes. Willie Robertson too used to look a whole lot more like everyone else in his socio-economic caste. Instead of camo, we see hair bleach. And we are supposed to believe that these were backwards hill-folk, who raised themselves up from the trailer park?


You’ve seen the before image, now here’s the after:


These guys aren’t alone with the fakery. Below is a picture of the real Jep Robertson and family.

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Here’s Jep now, after the A&E treatment:


The costumes are for show, the beards and bandanas are for show – and more than likely, even the recent “scandals” are for show. We have recently learned that A&E will keep Phil Robertson even after previously announcing he would be kicked off the show for breach of contract, due to racist and homophobic comments. In all likelihood, the scandals were part of a well-orchestrated hoax to get even more ratings, even more attention, and ultimately, even more money for this already filthy-rich family.

Remember, that while this fake scandal was front page news, the NDAA was passed without a peep from the mainstream media. The bill which is infamous for its language regarding “disappearing” U.S. citizens and  indefinite detention was passed via “Fast-Tracking” while a huge number of Americans were distracted by the Phil Robertson “scandal.” Let’s stop giving this Schmuck Dynasty the attention and money that they so obviously don’t deserve.

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