Soccer Fan Set On Fire After Being Pepper Sprayed by Police



A shocking video from a soccer game between Slask Wroclaw and Zaglebie Lubin shows a fan being set on fire in the stands after being sprayed with pepper spray by police.

The Polish soccer game got a little rowdy as spectators climbed a fence while holding flares.

When riot police showed up, they displayed no caution or awareness of what would happen if they pepper sprayed open flames.

When the officers sprayed the man, he burst into flames.

The spectator fellow down, which seems to have been the only thing that saved him, taking him out of the line of the spray and flame.

Watch the video of the incident below…

Moments later he got back up and seemed to be relatively unscathed.

The most bizarre part of it all is that he then returned to his fellow fans, and the police backed off as if nothing had happened at all.

(Article by Jackson Marciana)

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